Experience Zugspitz from hiking or mountainbiking

Zugspitz is about real mountain biking

The Zugspitz area is an Austrian paradise for mountain bikers, hikers and mountain climbers. Sometimes it would be better to be a mountain goat, you may think, as you gasp for air in plus 3000 meters, when trying to stay focused in spite of the wind and rain in your face, and you pray not to fall down some slippery rocks, and still, these are the moments that stay with you. Zugspitz is for you if you find peace and relaxation in the beautiful, mountainous surroundings. The real challenge is what you looked for, no cheating, there is only you and the mountain and perhaps your bike or hiking gear. Are you ready?


Red Bull X-Alps from Salzburg to the Mediterranean

Red Bull XAlps is recognized as the world’s toughest adventure race.  You don’t have to join in the 12 days of grueling challenges, but from Zugspitz you have the best view of the adventure race. With each edition, competitors from around the globe arrive in Austria for a grueling test of their strength and soul. In the first week of July, the area is focused on a huge event, for one of the world’s most extreme competitions – Red Bull X-Alps – unfolds here. Equipped with running shoes and paraglider, a number of professional athletes in Salzburg start and then REd Bukk X-Alps applies to cross the Alps on foot and in the air as soon as possible. The competition, which is the world’s toughest of its kind, starts in Salzburg and ends in Monaco.

Zugspitz tandem paragliding gleitschirmfliegen

Zugspitz tandem paragliding. German:  gleitschirmfliegen


Zugspitz from the air

If you want to experience the majestic Zugspitz area yourself from a bird’s eye view, the adventure agency Fly Team organizes tandem trips across the mountains. The pilots are well-trained, and after the hike up the mountains, you find the perfect starting point, where the wind is absolutely perfect. Be prepared for a great experience – once you are in the air, in clear weather you can see a hundred kilometers in each direction, both towards Germany and beyond Austria. and you hear only the quiet of the wind. An experience for life.

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