The Azores is 9 lush islands in the Atlantic

The Azores in the Atlantic – 9 islands that will conquer your heart

The Azores in the Atlantic consist of 9 Portuguese islands scattered across the world´s second-largest ocean, the Atlantic, which covers 20% of the world´s surface. Here, several thousand kilometers from their mother country, as you approach by plane for the first time, the islands initially appear as tiny green specks in a deep blue ocean that gradually take on their own individual island shapes. You can clearly see how their landscapes have been strongly influenced by the impressive volcanic activity. Even though the islands were originally discovered several hundred years ago, life on the islands has, even until quite recently, been characterized by their isolated location “in the middle of” the world´s 7 oceans. This solitude nurtures the many unique opportunities that exist to enjoy a holiday full of active outdoor experiences. Island hopping, breathtaking scenery delicious seafood straight from the sea, and lamb and cattle that have grazed outdoors all their life provide the best in culinary experiences.

Island Adventures in Europe

If you have read Ernest Hemingway, then you´ll also know something about big game fishing.  Few other places in the world offer better opportunities to go after the really big fish than here. Here, on a fishing charter, you can experience the unbeatable thrill of catching enormous blue marlins, dolphins, tuna and many other deep-water species. The chances of landing the big catch are highest in the triangle between Faial, Pico and Sao Jorge where the big fish hide in the deep waters.

The Azores offer a long list of things “to do”.

These are only some of the many activities that are available on the nine islands. See the map below. Cycling up into the mountains and enjoying the run down, is one of the most popular activities, or hiking is also another popular option.

The list of activities is long:

Mountain biking
Big game fishing
Canoeing and kayaking
Geographic expeditions
Horse riding
Scuba diving
Whale watching

Like to tee off in mid-Atlantic?

There are many other activities to choose from in addition to” island hopping”.  For example, the Azores have 3 excellent golf courses in the most beautiful surroundings imaginable. In fact, the course at Furnas was named runner-up in Portugal´s best golf courses by GoIf Digest in 2016. No mean achievement. More about the golf courses here.

Azores golf

Golfing on the Senior Tournament in the Azores at the Furnas golf course. There is also a classified course where larger tournaments are held.

We´ll get back to you with more travel tips on the Azores!

More about the golf courses in the Azores in the mid-Atlantic.

More about the 9 islands.

The islands of the warm Azores in the Atlantic

The islands of Azores in the Atlantic

Whale watching around the world, also in the Azores

the Azores

Caldeira das Sete Cidades

Another form of active vacation is a sailing vacation

The islands of the warm Azores in the Atlantic

The islands of Azores in the Atlantic

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