Skiing in Germany

Skiing in Germany

From Harzen til Berchtesgaden, Germany has very good skiing. We give you 5 of the very best ski resorts in Germany.

Germany is perfect for a family ski holiday

The ski resorts in Germany have the perfect distance from airports such as Munich, good train connections and of course you may drive yourself and friends/family on holiday on the German autobahn. The ski areas are manageable in size, not too small, not too big, and the skiing opportunities are so much better than most people know, so there are certainly many good reasons to spend your next skiing holiday in Germany. You always get varied terrain in our proposals, where both beginners, seasoned skiers, and children can participate. The German ski areas are mainly these



Arena Sauerland



the Harz

They all have pistes for all levels with both blue, red and black pistes that you can speed down. In addition, you can explore the many cozy villages around the various ski resorts, eat delicious local specialties and get many exciting experiences to take home in your luggage.


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