The Winter Olympics in South Korea in 2018

The Winter Olympics in South Korea, February 2018.

The Winter Olympics in South Korea in 2018 was a great success. However, it is probably a little late to go there for that reason. But it is a good opportunity to look at South Korea as a travel destination, and of course also at the Olympics from biathlon to snowboarding, but how did the Olympics end up in South Korea? And bonus question is “for the second time, what you mean?”

pyeongchang-the 2018 winter Olympics

Pyeongchang-the 2018 Winter Olympics

Persistent South Korea got the Olympic Winter Games the third time

The answer is “by perseverance”. 3 time’s the charm. It was the third time South Korea applied for the giant Winter Olympics event and this time got it in competition with France and Germany. There were over 100 medals in 2018, and that was more than ever. It was a giant event and a window to the world. There were 4 totally new sports, and it is exactly 30 years since South Korea last hosted the Winter Olympics. Up until the reconciliation efforts between North and South Korea, the international political climate was tense after several very large test explosions and heated political rhetoric between North Korea and the United States, but now there seems to have been peace for a while, and we can focus on the TV screen and other challenges like the Coronavirus.

Snowy mountains in South Korea

Snowy mountains in South Korea

Welcome to the Winter Olympics in South Korea and the main scene of Pyeongchang

But where exactly qa it held,  and how is it pronounced? Yes, most of the event is held in Pyeongchang.  Also, see the map of the  Olympics locations.

Look here 3D photo shoot of Pyeongchang and the stadium

Here are the events during the Winter Olympics in South Korea 2018

Pyeongchang (mountain area)
It is at 700 meters altitude has 41000 inhabitants and a beautiful mountain area with some tourists on winter holidays and skiing or hiking and summer, a perfect place for the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea, although 700 meters is not impressive, it is plentiful.

Winter Olympics in South Korea, spectacular ski jump

Winter Olympics in South Korea, spectacular ski jump

Alpensia Sports Park
The Alpensia Resort in Daegwallyeong-Myeon is the main venue for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, as it is called in English and officially.

Pyeongchang winter olympic stadion

Pyeongchang winter olympic stadion

Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium –The opening and closing ceremonies
Alpensia Ski Jumping Center – ski jumping, Nordic combined, snowboarding (big air)
Alpensia Biathlon Center – biathlon
Alpensia Cross-Country Center – cross-country skiing, Nordic combined
Alpensia Sliding Center – hatch, bobsleigh, and skeleton
Yongpyong Alpine Center – alpine skiing (slalom, giant slalom)
Bokwang Phoenix Park – freestyle skiing and snowboarding
Jeongseon Alpine Center – alpine skiing (downhill, super-G, and combined)
Gangneung, also a mountainous area
Gangneung Hockey Center – ice hockey
Gangneung Curling Center – curling
Gangneung Oval – speed skating
Gangneung Ice Arena – short track speed skating and figure skating
Kwandong Hockey Center – ice hockey to know more about South Korea?

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