Take the steam train on the green Isle of Man

The Isle of Man – if you are looking for that romantic feeling

The Isle of Man is a fascinating island with the most beautiful scenery from rolling corn fields to raw rocks on the coastline and fine sandy, white beaches. Animal life is rich – and the population density very modest. The climate is exceptionally mild for England, more like Ireland’s climate in fact, with mild winters and rarely very hot summers. As you know, the tax climate is also favorable. Nudge, nudge. Location is central; as close to England as to Ireland.

The Isle of Man Steam Railway takes you around the island in true style

The Isle of Man can be experienced in so many ways: by car of course, but also by bike or by a charming fully functional steam train?

Opened in 1874, the line we know today as The Isle of Man Steam Railway runs from Douglas to Castletown and Port Erin – a distance of just over 15 miles. Passing through the scenic Manx countryside, with coastal views and in the shadow of distant hills, this railway has survived many challenges and today, following huge investment and renewal, is a must-do part of any visit to the island. With beautifully restored 120-year-old locomotives, coaches and stations, this 3ft gauge railway is one of the best of its kind anywhere in the world.

isle of man

The coastline, dramatic and  green, undisturbed beauty

The Isle of Man Steam Railway forms the longest railway line for a steam train in England that still uses the original locomotives and passenger cars or to be exactly the longest narrow gauge steam line. Here you can get a first impression of the stretch between Douglas and the south of the island via a genuine Victorian rail link and dream back in time. Many of the island’s attractions are along the railway, so it is a truly recommendable trip.

Isle of Man sunset

Isle of Man sunset

Finally, there is the possibility to take an excursion by boat and see the island from the sea and experience dolphins, sharks and seals. It’s an extraordinary sight and worth the trip any day.

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