Bask in the warm sun of Sharm el Sheikh by the Red Sea

Sharm El Sheikh is the top sun and beach place to visit in Egypt.

Sharm El Sheikh is a very attractive sun & beach resort destination in Egypt. Sharm does more than provide a beach and a sunny location, it more or less has it all. Read on and you will see why.

Red sea diving

Diving in the Red Sea in Sharm El Sheikh is extremely popular as it is one of the best underwater destinations to explore. Many diving enthusiasts rate it as one of their favorite diving spots here. Snorkeling is also a popular activity here in the Red Sea, but most of all, the beach in Sharm is for anybody who enjoys sun, sand, and sea.

Luksushotel i Sharm el Sheikh, Egypten

Luxury hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

From a fishing village to Egypt’s largest resort by the Red Sea

Just like most of the Mediterranean’s great resorts of today, Sharm underwent a stunning transformation during the last 2o years or so. From a small and humble fishing village, it has been developed into a state-of-the-art resort while preserving most of its natural charm. The Red Sea, known for its year-round sunny climate, this destination is a stark contrast to what the Danish is accustomed to.

Sharm El Sheikh’s amazing underwater world

The beautiful coral reefs along the coast are home to colorful fish and beautiful corals. There are about 245 different corals in the Red Sea out of the well 2000 known, and the sea is home to up to 1300 different species of fish. There is enough to look at – whether you snorkel or choose to go down to 20-30 meters with a tank on your back. The big experiences await.

As mentioned, Sharm el Sheikh was originally a small sleepy fishing village on the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula. Slowly the rumor spread over the amazing coral reefs and the mild climate, and during the last 25 years the area has undergone an amazing transformation from the small fishing village of Naama Bay to a modern holiday paradise.

Maritim Joli Ville Golf club; Sharm el Sheikh

Maritim Joli Ville Golf club; Sharm el Sheikh

What else can you do in Sharm?

There are plenty of activities for all: Water sports, desert safaris, excursions eg. to the Valley of Kings, combined with cruises on the Nile from Luxor to Aswan, playing golf on top courses, staying right next to golf courses on golf resorts, wind power. lose a fortune at the casino 🙂 if you are on the playlist, win it. lost back on cheap shopping. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the hot night and of course enjoy the best diving. These are just some of the many things Sharm El Sheikh has to offer.

Naama Bay ved Sharm el Sheikh, Egypten

Naama Bay at Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

The seafront promenade in Naama Bay

Naama Bay as the center now extends over several areas, offering hotels ranging from single 2-star tourist class hotels to 5-star luxury resorts with all facilities.

Sharm el Sheikh also offers lots of fun after sunset. On the seafront in Naama Bay you can do a good deal in the booths, have a delicious dinner, or try a traditional water pipe at one of the many cozy cafes. If you’re into the more festive nightlife, there are also several nightclubs just waiting for you.

The conclusion is that Sharm El Sheikh is for anyone who wants sun and sea and maybe wants an impression of Egypt’s culture and past as the famous pyramids. Here in Sharm el Sheikh you can have a nice holiday with the kids or stay at a 5-star luxury resort, make your diving holiday from land or sea. It’s all possible and the price level is still very attractive.

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