The Crown aired on November 9th, 2022.

The Crown, 5th season aired on November 9th, 2022.

Netflix has released the first look at The Crown season 5 teaser, which will release this November. They revealed the trailer during their annual Tudum fan event, which showcased Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s separation in 1992 with voiceovers discussing the international response to the news as a television interview was prepped. More good news is that the series will continue into season 6 in 2023. We bring you some highlights from successful series and we show some of the places where it was filmed.
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Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret in The Crown Season 5

Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret in The Crown Season 5

Where was The Crown filmed – in the UK and abroad?

The Crown from Netflix is already a classic seen by millions. The extraordinary series was filmed in several locations in England, mainly in the studio, which is built to imitate Buckingham Palace impressively, but also in several other places in England and one place in the Caribbean. However mostly in London and the south of England.

The question of what are the real places and which ones are not original locations, occupies fans, just as the same question for Downton Abbey still occupies Downton Abbey fans.

The most important places the Crown uses, are:

Downing Street number 10
Balmoral Slot
Buckingham Palace
Windsor Castle
Westminster Abbey, London

But many of the scenes are filmed in similar locations, just less well-known and in London. See below.

Lady Diane and Margaret Thatcher set the stage for season 4

Season 4 with Lady Diane and Margaret Thatcher was on the air Nov 20, 2020

Prince Charles meets Diane, and relatively sweet music arises between them. Charles’ royal family loves her. She is in their eyes the perfect princess. so some pressure is put on Charles to marry her as soon as possible. Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) leaves the Royal Palace of Balmoral in Scotland ahead of time on an important weekend invited by Queen Elizabeth herself (Olivia Colman). It does not add up to bonus points from the royal family.


Filming for the series took and takes place across the UK with venues including the imposing Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire, Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire and more.

Somerley House is the movie location for Charles and Diana’s Highgrove estate, meanwhile illuminating the High Canons in Borehamwood Clarence House.

Gatcombe Park scenes are filmed at Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire, and the Buckingham Palace scenes are filmed at Lancaster House, near the real palace.


Belvoir Castle, England

Belvoir Castle, England, season 4 of The Crown

The Crown will air on November 9th, 2022 and it is not the last season

Netflix has set the date of Nov. 9th for showing season 5 of the Crown ad also announced it is not the last season. So buckle up the Queen is here.

In the footsteps of the Crown, a fantastic 4 day trip in England

Fans of The Crown on Netflix can have their wildest royal dreams come true with this four-day tour (which you can easily arrange yourself), where they can experience both filming locations from The Crown and classic, royal hotspots. This tour is inspired by the new series about life in the British royal family in the 1960s and 1970s, where we see Olivia Colman in the role of Queen Elizabeth for the first time. On this tour, all fans of The Crown can experience all of London and idyllic country countryside, where they can experience some of the southern England’s historic highlights along the way.

Day 1: London

The capital of Britain is the headquarters of the British royal family and is, therefore, a perfect place to start this royal tour. London has lots of royal atmosphere and will delight visitors with everything from the well-known palaces to Princess Margaret’s favorite places from the 1960s.

Explore Buckingham Palace

Answering the question Where is the Crown filmed does not get around Buckingham Palace. Visitors can begin their adventure, which is inspired by The Crown at Buckingham Palace, where everything that has to do with the royal family takes place. Enjoy the magnificent atmosphere of this historic residence on a tour of the most beautiful rooms, including the white drawing-room, the throne room, the picture gallery, the ballroom, and the grand staircase. There is the possibility of a tour between July and September, but you can easily take selfies at the gate all year round.

At Buckingham Palace you can also enjoy many different lectures and activities about the history of the royal family, and you can experience art and culture from the past and present in Queen’s Gallery.

Price: Admission to Buckingham Palace State Rooms costs £ 26.50 and up for adults and £ 14.50 for children under 17. A “Royal Day Out” ticket giving access to State Rooms, Royal Mews and The Queen’s Gallery, costs £ 49 and up for adults and GBP 26.50 for children under 17. Admission is free for children under five.



Enjoy a dinner close to the Queen’s birthplace

Next stop is Coach & Horses on Bruton Street, which is truly something for anyone who wants to experience the atmosphere of a true British pub. Located in the vibrant Mayfair district, the pub dates back to the 18th century. It is located on the street where the queen was born. The pub is one of the oldest in the area and has a narrow façade in true Tudor style. It serves classic pubs and many different types of beer, and is a perfect place to enjoy a meal if you are a fan of The Crown or Anglophile and want to experience the real British atmosphere.

Prices: Main courses cost GBP 9.99 and up

Travel time: 25 minutes on foot.

Enjoy the sight of the crown jewels

Fans of the series have certainly seen the famous royal crown on the screen countless times. A trip to London gives visitors the chance to enjoy the sight of the stunning crown jewels up close. The British Crown Jewels have been housed in the Jewel House in the historic Tower of London since the 14th century and include more than 140 ceremonial items used by the royal family. The royal crown is adorned with more than 2,800 diamonds. It was the one that Her Majesty wore at the coronation in 1953. This can be seen by viewers in The Crown. The sight of the royal crown will surely take the breath away from any visitor.

Price: A visit to Jewel House is included in a ticket to the Tower of London. Ticket price is GBP 24.70 and up for adults and GBP 11.70 for children. It is also possible to buy family tickets

Travel time: 30 minutes by London Underground.

Oliver Dowden - Wikipedia

Oliver Dowden criticized Netflix and the series

The Crown caused political intervention in England

Culture Minister Oliver Dowden demanded on 30 November 2020 that Netflix make it clear that the Crown is ‘fiction’ for fear that viewers may take the series literally.
The intervening Minister of Culture mentioned scenes that, according to him, harm the royal family. Oliver Dowden demanded that Netflix make it clear that The Crown is ‘fiction’.

In a somewhat dramatic intervention, the Secretary of Culture added his voice to a chorus of growing concern that fabricated scenes in the drama series were so damaging to the royal family that viewers had to be warned at the start of each episode that it was not a “fact”.

‘It’s a beautifully produced fiction, so as with other TV productions, Netflix needs to be very clear in the beginning, that’s exactly it,’ he told The Mail on Sunday.

‘Without this, I fear that a generation of viewers who have not experienced these events may err in fiction.’

Source: Daily Mail

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