Antarctica with Norwegian Hurtigruten – become an explorer

Sail to Antarctica for the ultimate discovery trip

Antarctica, e.g. with Norwegian cruiseline Hurtigruten is the ultimate journey of discovery in our time. Wherever you have been before and what you have seen on other trips, the South Pole is much different than anything else. Huge cold water encloses this isolated and vast continent. So in the middle of the large, white, ice-covered landscapes, you will find the most unique and breathtaking scenery.

Antarctic wildlife

The awe-inspiring landscapes on the South Pole are largely unchanged since the day the man first saw them, although it makes sense to visit the area now. It is the Earth’s coldest, driest, highest and purest continent. No people, but millions of penguins, seals and birds live here. During the summer, the coasts are also a restaurant for thousands of whales. You can also see penguins swimming out on the sea to hunt krill, while torpedo-like sea leopards patrol the coasts, and you both see and hear the singing humpback whales as they acrobatically break the ocean surface. Since the race between the first major explorers to reach the South Pole, Antarctica has been the site of the most adventurous. Now human activity is limited to tourism and science with research institutions measuring everything from the Antarctic ecosystem to climate change, as the area is considered the key to understanding the global challenges.

Man sightseeing on small raft amongst beautiful Icebergs at Antarctica.

Man sightseeing on small raft amongst beautiful Icebergs at Antarctica.

Eco-Friendly Tourism

Sailing in such untouched areas to Antarctica with Hurtigruten is of course a huge responsibility. Hurtigruten meets the highest requirements for seamanship and environmentally friendly operation. Activities and reputation are based on long tradition and experience with expeditions in polar waters.

Two ways to experience Antarctica

With Hurtigruten to the South Pole, you can choose a number of expeditions with m / s Midnatsol and the smaller ship m / s Fram. M / s Midnatsol starts and finishes its tours in Puntas Arenas to experience Chile’s deep fjords, see the spectacular landscapes and scenery of Patagonia, visit Cape Horn and then see all the highlights of Antarctica. With m / s Fram you are on a real expedition. The ship is small, so it’s the ultimate way to really explore Antarctica and get close to otherwise impassable places. We go ashore to see wildlife and historical sites close by. Excursions and tours are offered that challenge both mentally and physically. And then it is quite certain you make new friends for life who have shared this extraordinary journey with you.

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