The nature in Finland inspires to make World-class Gin

Napue: A Gin worth a journey to Finland?

Is Napue Gin the world’s best gin? Finland is actually really good at anything with distilleries, which leads to tasty alcoholic beverages. Finland is famous for excellent Vodka. But did you know they have a world Class Gin as well in a world with close to 4000 different gins.

Napue gin finland

However, Finland produces much more than vodka in this category. For example Gin at top world level! In fact, Finland or rather the brand Napue won the award as the world’s best gin in 2017, judged by hundreds of professionals and under blind tasting. It is a tough competition to win, so we bought a few bottles (thoroughness is an important virtue), and followed the recipe with Rosemary Twigs and slightly lighter mashed cranberries, and easy on the lemon!  Botanicals (adding flavoring herbs etc.) is both a science and a passion and here they have hit a particularly irresistible Finnish balance. Tip: Napue can easily be drunk in the sauna with good friends.

Napue Gin comes from outermost Finland, namely Kyrö, but it does not refrain the 5 founders from holding tasting sessions for guests from all over the world. A very cool set-up.

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