Diving in Belize and experience superb diving

Diving in Belize and see the 3. biggest coral reef in this world

A diving holiday to Belize is high on many dive lists. It goes to one of the world’s largest coral reefs and the largest in the northern part of the globe. Only 10% of the huge reef has been explored. Only surpassed in the world by a few others like the Great Barrier Reef and Apo Reef in the southern Philippines, Belize is endowed with a unique and tremendous coral reef.

Diving holidays to Belize cover a vast area to explore

A large part of the reef is protected by “the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System”, which is an area of 960 km2 in total, which consists of 3 atolls and 7 marine reserves, as well as 450 coral reefs and 3 atolls. Well-known sites are Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve, Great Blue Hole, Halfmoon Caye Natural Monument, Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Any of these qualify for a super dive vacation in Belize.

Great biodiversity at Belize dive reef

Here you will find an unseen large variety of corals (over so-called 70 hard species and 36 soft ones) and 500 species of fish. Several new species are continuously discovered and there are 100 species of invertebrates/invertebrate species such as sea urchins.


Much to explore on your diving holiday to the Belize Barrier Reef

In 1842, Charles Darwin described the reef as “the most remarkable barrier reef in the West Indies”, but so many years later, only 10% of all animals in the sea have been named, not to mention the plants.

Belize’s Barrier Reef is both contiguous when viewed from above, but consists of a series of coral reefs along Belize’s east coast. It is approx. 300 meters from land to the north, so you could easily swim over it and just take the reef into consideration, but there is 40 km from land to the south. Scuba diving and snorkeling are great here on your diving holiday to Belize.

Worth knowing about Belize

1. Are visas required for Belize?
No not for EU citizens, only valid passport and remember validity 6 months forward after the return day is always good.

2. Should I be vaccinated against Malaria for entry into Belize?
It is not strictly necessary but ask your doctor. There are literally no mosquitoes. The ecosystem is in very good balance.

3. How is the weather in Belize?
It is a subtropical climate with sun all year round. Of course, rain showers come from time to time. The gene average temperature is 27 degrees. The mountains a little colder. Coldest is April and May, coolest but never cold is January and February.

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