Anthony Bourdain the best travel writer ever?

Was Anthony Bourdain the best travel writer ever?

What did Anthony Bourdain write about? Why was he so good? What other travel writer comes near? And let us remember all the TV shows he made around the world. They seriously added to his fame.
It’s difficult to definitively say whether Anthony Bourdain was the “best” travel writer ever or was it Ernest Hemingway, as that is a highly subjective assessment. However, he was certainly one of the most influential and widely-read travel writers of his time.

Bourdain resonated with the people of many cultures

Bourdain’s writing focused on his experiences traveling the world and exploring different cultures and cuisines. He was known for his unique voice, which blended humor, wit, and a deep appreciation for the people and places he encountered. He wrote about everything from street food in Vietnam to fine dining in Paris, and his work often highlighted the complex and nuanced relationships between food, culture, and history.

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain

For Bourdain few topics were taboo

One of the reasons Bourdain was so popular was that he was unafraid to tackle difficult or controversial subjects in his writing. He was willing to explore the less glamorous side of travel and to confront uncomfortable truths about the places he visited. He also had a natural curiosity and openness that allowed him to connect with people from all walks of life, and his writing often reflected this.

In terms of other travel writers who come close, there are many excellent writers in the genre. As I mentioned earlier, some other notable travel writers include Paul Theroux, Bruce Chatwin, Jan Morris, Bill Bryson, and not least of all Ernest Hemingway, who had more on his plate than food, you know what I mean. Each of these writers has their own unique style and perspective, and readers may find that they resonate more with one writer than another. Ultimately, the “best” travel writer is a matter of personal preference, and readers should explore a variety of writers to find the ones that speak to them.

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