Sailing vacation in the Caribbean

Sailing vacation in the Caribbean

Sailing vacation in the Caribbean. How you ever considered that as a vacation option?
One of the most popular vacation travel wishes in the world is actually sailing into the adventure, Robinson Crusoe-like, but a lot safer of course. Not just around the corner, but a real trip in an Ocean with the people you love. For most people, it has always been a dream to travel to the Caribbean in particular. Bounty land. Island Hopping. Palms and 27-30 degrees. New adventures every day.
The islands have a fantastic mix of modern conveniences and scenic beauty, and so it is with ships and the sea above. Here you will find a number of suggestions as to where your sailing vacation to the Caribbean could go.
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“Are the British Virgin Islands the best place to go on your sailing trip?” 

The Caribbean sailing will usually take you to places where you can find abundant floras, striking beaches, and thick jungles with rare animals. But foremost expect the best beach resorts,  and you will have the opportunity to experience true luxury.

Aruba, the carribbean

Sailing Aruba, the Carribbean

The Caribbean islands have many coves and small islands where you can anchor during your sailing vacation. Therefore, a sailing vacation in the Caribbean is not just about sailing; it’s about discovering a whole new world. There are countless possibilities on the islands: sailing, diving, snorkeling, sunbathing on its pristine beaches, having delicious seafood and drinks on the beach.  The list does go on.

Caribbean sailing is a very popular and rewarding way to explore the delights and treasures the Caribbean has to offer. Millions of people from all over the world choose to visit the region to taste the wide variety of life it has to offer. In short, visitors to the Caribbean have an unforgettable vacation experience.

Anyone who chooses to go on vacation to the Caribbean will have an incredible experience, which will include fascinating harbors and calm white sand beaches where you can spend lazy hours, thinking of nothing but your next sumptuous meal, the deep blue waters that are the ideal setting for yachts, sailboats, and other marine vessels.

If you love the view of nature and want to experience a fabulous vacation on a tropical paradise island, the Caribbean cruise is an ideal vacation for you.

Fishermen, birds and boats in Doctor's cove bay, Tortola, British Virgin islands

Fishermen, birds, and boats in Doctor’s cove bay, Tortola, British Virgin islands

Sailing vacation in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands

“Are the British Virgin Islands the best place to go on your sailing trip?” Yes it is actually a very good place to start: British Virgin Islands is a perfect destination for sailing in the Caribbean for a number of reasons.

From the rugged volcanic mountains of Tortola to the flat coral reefs and limestone of Anegada, the British Virgin Islands contain diverse and impressive landscapes, ideal for exploring.  There is a lot more to see and do than rest om sandy beaches. The territory of the British Virgin Islands consists of an archipelago of more than 60 islands, of which more than 40 are uninhabited. Visitors can relax on a relaxing beach holiday, enjoy a luxury resort experience, or explore untouched Dutch settlements and sugar mills.

The chain’s largest island, Tortola, is also the capital of the British Virgin Islands. With picturesque white-sand beaches and lush green mountain slopes, it offers a classic Caribbean getaway. Water sports are popular, with opportunities for diving, windsurfing, and kayaking, or you can just relax on a palm-lined beach. Long Bay in the west is perfect for strolling at sunset or visiting Brewer’s Bay in the northwest of the island to snorkel among colorful reefs.

Bahama girl dancing in the sunset

Bahama girl dancing in the sunset

Sailing the Bahamas in style

More than 700 coral cays stretch like a necklace in the blue seas of the southeast coast of Florida. Gentle trade winds, sheltered waters, and myriad marine life make the Bahamas an ideal destination for families and the less experienced.

The Abacos are the epicenter of Bahamian shipping with lively Marsh Harbor as the base from which to explore the 120-mile chain of islands.

One day you can anchor on a pristine beach with crystal clear waters like Treasure Cay, the next you dock in one of the small colonial-era towns like Hope Town on Elbow Cay and New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay.

A little further afield, the pink sand beaches at Eleuthera or the 365 cays of the Exuma group offer endless opportunities to explore and relax.

Sportfishing and diving at sites like Dean’s Blue Hole, Abacos Train Wreck, and USS Adirondack are also spectacular.

What to see and do in the Bahamas

Sailing St. Vincent and the Grenadines

This is a great balance for those looking for a little more sailing than the British Virgin Islands, who still enjoy the wonderful warmth of the Caribbean.

Only 9 of the 32 islands in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are populated. From the lush rain forest of Saint Vincent, full of ecological adventures, to the idyllic beaches, coral reefs and turquoise lagoons of the Grenadines, SVG is a tropical paradise for sailing, diving, enjoying nature and relaxing in luxurious hideaways. Granada: a mountainous and undulating island, abundant in wildlife, marine life, and plant life. It offers a world of itinerary options for boaters who have a little more experience and is the perfect place to start your sailing vacation in the Windward Islands. Ideal for one-way trips to San Vicente.

What to see and do in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Sailing St. Lucia

Saint Lucia is known for its banana plantations, mountains, and green valleys. She is often known as the “Helena of the West Indies” for her beauty. It may be one of the cheapest destinations on the Caribbean island, depending on the type of accommodation and the experiences you want to book. Many small fishing villages are located along the beaches, giving visitors an insight into the culture and heritage of Saint Lucia. Book a fishing charter or a boat excursion to see more of Saint Lucia. You can also rent a boat on your own, or take a charter captained to hidden beaches on the island. Go snorkeling or diving to enjoy marine life under the sea in Saint Lucia.

What to see and do on St. Lucia

cuba classic car

Sailing vacation in the Caribbean. Cuba

Cuba is one of the best and most unique countries to navigate due to its perfect landscape and underused shipping routes.

Located just south of the Florida (Miami) coastline, Cuba is a very intriguing place for anyone visiting, full of rich history and culture with impressive architecture to match. Its most popular cities include Cienfuegos, Camagüey, Havana, and Trinidad; Each city harbors a similar culture, but they are unique in their ability to tell their own personalized stories of mishaps and adventures.

Sailing in Cuba can be easily navigated, either in cabin rentals or without crew. In fact, the city of Cienfuegos offers both cabin and unmanned charter flights for anyone who wants to get a more magnificent view of the entire country. The little-visited Jardines de Reina, María la Gorda, and the Isla de la Juventud are the best areas to navigate Cuba. Sailing to Cuba is like jumping on a ship that travels back in time to a land of old charm and classic American cars that dominate the streets.

What to see and do in Cuba

Cuba, the travel experience

Sunset with beach chairs on a tropical beach in Jamaica.

Sunset with beach chairs on a tropical beach in Jamaica.

Jamaica from the sea

Ocho Rios is Jamaica´s major port of call for cruise ships, while Negril is famous for its long and lazy beach lined with clear waters and coconut palms. Ecotourists love peaceful Port Antonio thanks to its proximity to the spectacular Blue Mountains. In Kingston, Jamaica’s edgy capital, visitors can tour reggae legend Bob Marley’s former home and explore the city’s museums and historic sites. Jam-packed with diverse attractions, no wonder Jamaica enjoys a reputation as a Caribbean hotspot.

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Jamaica travel adventures

Sailing The Abacos islands

Despite that snapshot, you have in your head of overdeveloped Bahamian resort areas, the crazy college spring break parties, and those cheap cruises that make up the port, the Bahamas isn’t just that. Pass over those parts and head to Out Islands of the Abacos, where white-sand beaches, secluded harbors, and some of the most beautiful scenery await your arrival. From the dreamy sand of Treasure Cove to the hidden coves that invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you, you will soon wonder why everyone else has not chosen to stay in the Abacos Islands.

Aruba, the Carribbean

Aruba, the Caribbean

Sailing around Aruba

Aruba is the most popular island in the western Caribbean. Visitors from all over love Aruba vacations, who come to enjoy the white sand beaches, Mount Jamanota and Arikok National Park. There are many opportunities to rent a boat, rent a yacht, or book a catamaran boat excursion. Aruba is a paradise for the youngest, who enjoys resorts, casinos, and nightlife. It’s a great place to book a party catamaran cruise, especially if you’re visiting during spring break. Other activities enjoyed in Aruba include snorkeling tours, scuba diving, jet ski rentals, and fishing excursions.

What to see and do in Aruba

Barbados untouched coastline

Barbados untouched coastline

Sailing vacation in the Caribbean: Barbados

Barbados is a popular sailing destination due to the friendliness of its residents and its natural beauty. There are many things to do and see in Barbados. It is ideal for luxury travel, with many all-inclusive resorts available in Barbados. With beautiful beaches and bays, it is a must to explore Barbados on a boat rental or tour. You can rent a yacht, book a catamaran, snorkel tour, dive boat trip, or fishing charter to make the most of your Barbados vacation.

Barbados is largely an island of sugar plantations with rows of sugar cane lining the road. It is also a place of fragrant flowers like jasmine, oleander, cassia, hibiscus, and the lady of the night. Shopping is a must in Barbados with many British clothing stores and Scottish and English fabric stores.

What to see and do in Barbados

Sailing vacation in the Caribbean: Antigua and Barbuda

Of all the Caribbean islands, Antigua and Barbuda are the best sailing destinations to sail.

Located in the eastern Caribbean region that is part of the Leeward Islands, Antigua and Barbuda have 365 unspoilt beaches with more than enough anchorages and harbors to entice sailors to extend their vacations in hopes of visit each island in particular.

Antigua has a history of being one of the best places to sail, as it has one of the best paradises in the world, the port of Falmouth.

In addition to having the best ports, there are many sailing and yacht activities, as Antigua organizes the “Sailing Week” every year in April and the Classic Yacht Regatta. Racing is incredibly popular here.

Sailors with boats of all sizes, such as unmanned boats, manned yachts, catamarans, sailboats, and luxury yachts, are welcome as Antigua and Barbuda accommodate the casual sailor for the most avid yacht traveler.

With the exception of the end of August to September, Antigua and Barbuda have the best warm weather for sailing.

Due to its colonial history, infused with local native culture and opulent, but naturally beautiful scenery, Antigua and Barbuda have an “old combined with the new” feeling, offering various options for sailing, shopping, eating, dining, entertainment, history, and tourism.

What to see and do in Antigua and Barbuda

The Leeward Islands: Saint Martin, Anguilla, Saint Bartholomew, Saint Kitts, and Nevis

Once you have explored at least most of what the British Virgin Islands had to offer. Make your way to this group of islands just 90 miles east. With such close proximity to each other, you can spend your days doing island hops. Things like the Creole market in Marigot, the French capital of Saint Martin, the unbelievably incredible snorkeling at Crocus Bay of Anguilla at Pelican Point, and the particularly fantastic sailing community surround everyone and will make you wish your vacation is just a little more.

Grand Cayman Islands Sting Ray City Sting Ray City Sand Bar Dasyatis Americana tropical water underwater photos breakfast with the rays red sail sports

Grand Cayman Islands Sting Ray City Sting Ray City Sand Bar Dasyatis Americana tropical water underwater photos breakfast with the rays red sail sports

Cayman Islands

A paradise for divers, the Cayman Islands offer crystal clear, blue-green waters and coral reefs, perfect for diving and snorkeling trips. The Caymans are reputed to offer some of the best diving in the world. Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are the three islands that make up the Cayman Islands, offering all-inclusive resorts and luxury hotels for your stay. George Town is a popular place in the Cayman Islands where you can stay or visit for a day and is where many boat rentals and tours depart from.

Saint Martin

A mix of Dutch and French heritage in a landmass makes Saint Martin a fascinating island to visit by boat.

It’s also great for those looking for a bargain or daytime activities. Said to be the duty-free Caribbean capital, St Martin has many designer shops offering discounted products and other places to keep visitors entertained, including casinos and many beach bars.

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