Travel to India, a country of impressive diversity

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Travel to India, a sensory bombardment

Travel to India comes with a sensory overload. India also has, which is lesser-known, a large number of fantastic beaches and luxury resorts at completely different prices than we are used to in the US and Europe.

Travel to India, a country of impressive diversity that dazzles and confuses the visitor in the best possible way, because it is so intense, beautiful, and different.

India as a country is more diverse and impressive than most other countries

India as a country has geography more different and impressive than most countries and cultures, yes and religions that mystify and have often attracted Westerners looking for peace of mind and meaning with it all, like a magnet. The country is home to vibrant cities, traditional villages, historic sites, 1000 years of art, ancient forts and magnificent monuments, dazzling desserts, vast Himalayan mountains, lush mountain resorts, breathtaking beaches, fertile valleys, enchanting rivers, pilgrimages, religious monuments, etc. In fact, India in these years unleashes a great tourist potential and attracts tourists from all over the world with its fascinating charm of Indian tourism. You can visit India at any time of the year. We have some more important travel facts like currency, climate and valuable links here. India travels facts.

10 places to visit if you travel to India

It may not be the same trip, as the country is huge, but then you have some landmarks.

Mumbai Gateway of India. Travel to India

Mumbai Gateway of India


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mumbai Central Station. It first opened in 1888 and is considered a perfect example of Victorian Gothic revival architecture.

South Goa. Travel to India

South Goa. Travel to India


Goa is where the good Indian life is lived

Goa is a part of India with around 2 mills.  inhabitants, an area of ​​3700 km2 with amazing contrasts.
Flanked by the Arabian Sea to the west and the impressive Sahyadri Mountains to the east, the Goan landscape rises from sea level to 1022 meters high. Several rivers cross the state and add to its natural beauty.

Lotus temple, New Delhi, India

Lotus temple, New Delhi, India

New Delhi

Lotus Temple, New Delhi: This elegant lotus-shaped temple has welcomed more than 70 million worshipers since opening in 1986. It is one of several Bahá’í Worship Houses, a religious center of the Baha’i faith. You should also see HUMAYUN’S TOMB, below.

Water Palace (Jal Mahal) in Man Sagar Lake. Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. 18th Century. The palace Dzhal-Mahal

Water Palace (Jal Mahal) in Man Sagar Lake. Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. 18th Century. The palace Dzhal-Mahal

Jaipur and the Hawa Mahal

One place in Jaipur you should see is the Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan: Built-in 1799 as an extension of Jaipur’s Royal City Palace, the Hawa Mahal or Winds Palace, was originally designed to allow royal women to see street scenes without being set.

Bangalore Palace in India

Bangalore Palace in India


Once a sleepy regional capital, but today Bangalore is a modern metropolis with more than 12 million people. This will come as a big surprise to those visiting for the first time. Also known as Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka is India’s technological hub and the very place where the country’s new, confident and global identity is forged. Although the city may lack historical sites, its lively and liberal atmosphere is the perfect base from which to explore the beautiful temples and palaces of Deccan.

Udaipur, rejser til Indien

Udaipur, travel to India


Udaipur, no one should travel to an introduction to India without seeing this romantic city.
It is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities located in the royal region of Rajauthan. It is also known as the city of lakes. This lovely travel destination is widely known for its magnificent forts, palaces, temples, desert and much different scenery. Completely filled with royal grandeur and rich history, the imperialist city of Udaірur attracts millions of tourists and holidaymakers from all parts of the world.

Sіtу Pаlасе, Lаkе Pаlасе, Pichola Lаkе, Jagdіѕh Temple in Udaipur

The picturesque Udaipur, known for its unique culture and diversity, has a lot to offer to the discerning visitor. Sіtу Pаlасе, Lаkе Pаlасе, Pichola Lаkе, Jagdіѕh Temple, Jаg Mandir Pаlасе, Monѕооn Palace, Fateh Prakash Pаlасе, Shіv Niwаѕ Lаkе, Lаgіѕh Lасео, Sаhel. are important attractions of Udaipur which all give a stunningly beautiful impression of India. Located in the middle of Pісhоla Lake, The Lake Palace is one of the finest examples of architectural and cultural heritage. The large city palace on the shores of the lake together with the monsoon palace on the hill above emphasizes the beauty of this magnificent city. Udaipur is also quite famous for being the center of arts, crafts and paintings. Shilpgram Fаіr аnd Mеwаr fеѕtіval are immensely common festivals among visitors. The Kumbhalgarh Shrine near Udair is a total delight for wildlife enthusiasts. It is located in the beautiful Aravallí hills and extends over an area of ​​578 square kilometers. It is home to a wide variety of animals and birds.

Taj Mahal in Agra, india

Taj Mahal in Agra, India

Agra, where you will find the Taj Mahal

If you consider yourself a world traveler, you will definitely make the pilgrimage to Agra once in a lifetime. Every year, millions from all over the globe come to this (relatively) small town in northern India. “Why?” you may ask. Two words: Taj Mahal. This famous monument has immortalized the love of an emperor and his wife since it was completed in 1648. The Taj Mahal, the epitome of the ornate Mughal architectural style, has made the jaws fall and hearts faint for centuries.

Agra has 2 UNESCO World heritage sites

But you would be wrong to consider Agra as a one-stop shop. With two more UNESCO World Heritage Sites to its name, the city boasts several windows to the past. Unfortunately, India’s former capital during the rich Mughal empire has fallen into a state of decay, but its world-class monuments are places of historical wonder. Even if you have to visit its sites, it is unlikely that you will want to stay in Agra for quite some time.

Gopuram (tower) of Hindu temple Kapaleeshwarar., Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Gopuram (tower) of Hindu temple Kapaleeshwarar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Udforsk Chennai (tidligere Madras), Tamil Nadus hovedstad og centrum for sydindiske kunstneriske, religiøse og kulinariske traditioner. Mens Chennai bevarer sin gamle sjæl, er byen fuld af kosmopolitiske tilbud til rejsende med lækre hoteller, natteliv og moderne køkken.

Hindu goddess Idol in Pandal, temporary temple for Durga Puja, Kolkata

Calcutta/Kalkota, travel to India to find the intense, contrast-filled city life

Kolkata, India’s second largest city, is a bubbling festival of human existence. On the one hand luxurious and wretched, refined and hectic, futuristic and ancient, but it is beautiful in decay like a fallen tree trunk in the woods while new young trees spring forth. A vibrant 350-year-old metropolis located on the east coast of India, the capital of West Bengal thrives with contradictions; nothing is common in this city. Famously known as the City of Joy, Kolkata is in every sense the country’s artistic, cultural and intellectual capital. The streets of Kolkata are lively, hectic, chaotic and yet full of life and creativity. Driven by the indomitable spirit of the self-made middle class, the city has created a beautiful juxtaposition of the charm of the old colonial era with the budding future hipster culture that thrives among the city’s millennial inhabitants.

Tea plantations hills at sunset sky in Munnar, Kerala, India

Tea plantations hills at sunset sky in Munnar, Kerala, India

Munnar, a must see place on your travel to India

Munnar, Kerala: Munnar is known for its rolling hills and tea plantations and is a serene hill station in India’s southern state of Kerala. It is also home to Anamudi Peak, the highest peak in southern India and the largest population of Nilgiri Tahr, an endangered species of sheep.

Danish Indian Cultural Center and statue of first protestant missionary to India

Trankebar, once part of the Danish East Indies

Tranquebar or Trankebar was part of the Danish East Indies in Denmark’s heyday, and in India under the name Tarangambadi. Tranquebar is today a South Indian fishing village, located on the Coromandel coast approx. 300 km south of Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu, in southeastern India. Between 1620 and 1845, Tranquebar was a Danish trading colony. Many Danes make a pilgrimage to Trankebar to get the combination of the real and relaxed India and a better understanding of the colonial times.

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