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TAP Air Portugal is Portugal’s national airline. Of course, with TAP you can fly to Lisbon and Algarve, but you can also fly to the Azores, Africa, and South America. Areas that, because of Portugal’s history, are natural destinations for this airline. As Portugal is heavily dependent on tourism, TAP  is important in bringing tourists to Portugal – and not just to Lisbon, which is the home base, but to all corners of the country.
You can fly to Portugal every day of the year. You can fly to Faro on the Algarve via Lisbon, to Porto in the north, Funchal in Madeira and to the entire 8 of the 9 islands in the Azores. TAP Air Portugal has flown for more than 70 years and today flies to approx. 60 destinations around the world. In addition to the many destinations in Europe, TAP Air Portugal mainly flies to destinations in Africa and Brazil. In fact, TAP is the airline in Europe, that has the most departures and destinations in Brazil, with up to 60 departures per week. This is of course due to the fact that Portugal had many colonies around the world during its time. Brazil has very close ties with Portugal to this day. If you travel with TAP  to Brazil, you will also find that many hotels and companies are from Portugal.

One of the major destinations for TAP is Brazil, read more about the huge and exciting country.

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