Sentosa, Vacation Paradise for the whole family in Singapore

Sentosa Island in Singapore, an amazing playground for all ages.

Sentosa Island, is a small tropical island located in the Central Region, in the middle of Singapore. It is also, according to their own statement, Asia’s leading amusement park. Here, in fact, there are countless entertainment offers and experiences for all ages. From cheap to luxury casinos. The island was formerly used as a then British military base and after that as a Japanese prisoner of war camp and has had several other names. Part of the past one would like to forget. Sentosa was renamed to its current name and planned from start to become a popular tourist destination. It must be said to have succeeded, with over 20 million visitors annually. Here’s so much to do. But if you want to lie on the beach in Singapore this is also the place to go. Attractions include a 2 km long sandy beach with sand brought in from Indonesia and Malaysia. There is Fort Siloso, two golf courses, 14 hotels, and giant Resorts World, featuring Universal Studios Singapore theme park and one of Singapore’s two casinos, where the other is Marina Bay Sands. So there is something for everybody.

There is still a beautiful rainforest to visit. And there is a very nice marina with room for even size sailboats and Yachts find nice space. Sentosa was also the place where President Trump met Kim il Jong for the famous 2019 summit.

Universal Sentosa Singapore

Universal Park, Sentosa Singapore

The Rumour is true: Eat delicious food on Sentosa

It’s no secret that you can eat really delicious at Sentosa. Both inexpensive or gourmet style. There are literally all food offerings imaginable.

The latest addition is Rumours Beach Club, a concept you’ll also find at the award-winning Changi Airport in Singapore. In the new Sentosa version of Rumours it is an all-in investment with its own beach, 3 swimming pools, VIP section, Cabana area, Beachfront, Indoor area and Alfresco area. Here you can just hang out, rent a private party area or join a huge party late at night. Rumours has received great reviews and is impressive from the very start. Here are a few impressions from Rumors.


What to see and do in Sentosa?

  • You can see Universal Studios, Singapore
  • Resorts World; Sentosa (dolphins and exciting fish galore)
  • Skyline Luge (cable car with breathtaking views)
  • Siloso Beach and Palawan Beach (2 km). “Palawan” is borrowed from the Philippines, where it is an area with over 1700 islands
  • Siloso Fort (from World War II).


If you are in Singapore anyway, take a stroll to the island. There is public transport via bridge.

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