Mille Miglia in Italy, the most beautiful of all car races

San Marino and Mille Miglia car race has a long romance running.

San Marino and Mille Miglia. What about San Marino, the world’s 4th smallest country in Italy close to Milan – and motorsports? There is a close and long relationship, where both Formula 1 (F1 race) and the super classic Mille Miglia car race, which finishes in the middle of Rome and stops all traffic there, often delivers spectacular car races to the tiny state, San Marino in the middle of Italy with the insanely beautiful location on a mini-mountain that just rises in the middle of nowhere on a flat area with lots of rice growing.

When you are fully up on top of the hill in San Marino, there is a bonus: Classic watches, jewelry, clothes and everything else duty-free at prices that call for a ride in the family car all the way up. Buy plenty.

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But up there in San Marino territory you might see (it’s not every year and not in 2019, the route comes here) also Mille Miglia (the 1000 miles), which is an outstanding classic in motorsport! See the great cars from the 50’s or before in the Mille Miglia race, and remember, cars could also drive super fast then and cope with severe hardships, and seduce you forever. The romance with classic cars is going on.

Find your old sports car or buy one, and keep it sharp and sign up next year. The trip does not go in 2019 to San Marino, but in return straight through the best of Tuscany and northernmost to Brecia and southernmost to Roma. Maybe you can just schedule a spring trip to Rome with Mille Miglia?

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See our intro article on San Marino Should be visited when you are on the edges, e.g. Milan.

Tnis is the official link to Mille Miglia

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