El Salvador – untouched nature, but a few safety issues to keep in mind

El Salvador is waiting for you

Are you a first mover, when it comes to adventure travel? El Salvador is Central America’s smallest country, approx. 1/2 of relatively small Denmark in size and approx. 6 Mio. inhabitants.

Traveling in Central America and in a country with such a high crime rate and presence of Zika is not unproblematic, but surprisingly, tourism is growing steadily and it could be due to a traveling curiosity, going almost anywhere on this planet. The Globetrotters, the first movers go here, and if you are a bit cautious, El Salvador is safe to travel in.  People know now from experience, that it is rarely as bad as the official warnings say. You are also allowed to take your precautions.

Although El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, it is not the least measured in travel experiences. You see the most beautiful landscapes with volcanoes on the horizon, perfect beaches, dense rainforests, and find your own private lagoons on pristine beaches.


Attractions in El Salvador

You can visit beautiful, undisturbed national parks such as Cerro Verde, Montecristo and El Imposible. You can experience river rafting with foaming water and high speed, or you can take a leisurely boat trip on the volcanic lakes Ilopango and Coatepeque.

Ilopango lake, El Salvador Ilopango lake, El Salvador

Tips for surfers: Here you will find world-class spots such as Sonsonate , El Zonte and La Unioacute, just a few km from the capital. Archaeologically interested will undoubtedly visit Tazumal, which marks the outermost border of the Maya empire. Ruta de Las Flores offers the most charming villages with a myriad of flowers, typically markets and volcanic hotsprings you can try.

Matchless boogie boarder standing on the board and surfing, El Zonte beach, El Salvador, Central America

You can also visit coffee plantations and get the explanation of why El Salvador’s coffee is notoriously so good.

In short, tourism in El Salvador is on a positive path. Hopefully, supported by more peaceful conditions in the near future.

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