Dubai delivers a truly, extraordinary travel experience

Dubai – Are you ready for the ultimate travel rush?

This may easily be a sensory overload, but it is all good. Everything is bigger, better, and faster. Dubai sets a new standard for, what you can compress into a travel experience. A lot of money has been invested in delivering a tourist/travel experience, which is far from modest. If you like a quiet dinner in a landscape like Toscana, this may not be for you, but if you want to see, what serious money and talent can do in a sandy, now seaside, former desert environment, be Dubai’s guest for a while.

A bombardment of impressions

It is a bombardment of impressions every time you come to a hyper city. It is very much about demonstrating what you can achieve: The city of superlatives could be said to be the largest, fastest, and, not least, the highest standard for new city initiatives. As is already evident at the airport: Perhaps the world’s largest airport, measured in m2 and number 3 in the world, with close to 90 million passengers. This is how the scene is set.

You can without trying too hard become quite dependent on the sky-high level of service and mind-blowing experiences. Dubai offers close to everything you could wish for on a good holiday. An abundance of formidable luxury hotels, lofty high-rise buildings, white sandy beaches, huge shopping centers, and world-class gourmet restaurants.

Whether you are looking for sun and beach fun, romance and two-handedness, adventure and magnificent scenery or shopping and city life, Dubai and the Emirates embrace all these desires and more.

Intro to Dubai travels

Emirates Manhattan

Dubai is like an Arab clone of Las Vegas and Manhattan – they just added an irresistible beach and some even taller buildings! In a surreal way, at one and the same time, you can shop amok in huge shopping centers, drop your jaws over astounding buildings and large-scale architecture, stay in luxurious hotels with exquisite restaurants, be adventurous in the desert and seek shelter from the intense metropolitan atmosphere on a sun lounger on one  of Dubai’s beautiful beaches. And Dubai is only 6-8 hours flight from almost anywhere.

Dubai shopping mall, the world's largest

Dubai shopping mall, the world’s largest of its kind

Shopping spree in Dubai

In the Dubai Mall, with its 41,000 square meters, we find one of the world’s largest shopping centers. Here you can find everything – expensive designer items and cheaper than dirt stuff. Even if you are not into some serious shopping, the center is worth a visit because, in addition to the fantastic clothing stores, it also has a huge fountain, an overwhelming aquarium and a food department that can satisfy even the most quality-conscious person.

dubai marina by night

Ski indoors in Dubai

… Indoors in Ski Dubai, a huge indoor piste with a chair lift, snow park, jumps, and trees in the middle of the Mall of the Emirates. Two hours, including clothing and equipment, cost about 50 USD.

Dubai, Restaurant Zuma

Dine in Japanese Zuma in Dubai

The Japanese fusion restaurant Zuma in The Financial District. The decor is cool and styled, the quality is consistently high and there can be great drinks in the bar before or after dinner. Prices are comparable to a good sushi restaurant anywhere.

Treat yourself to Dubai

with a Royal Hamam Spa at The One and Only Royal Mirage in the Jumeirah area where the Sheikhs live. It costs about 70  USD for about one and a half hours of treatment.

Sightseeing as you did it before

And visit the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque with the two minarets – a fine example of modern Islamic architecture. A quick stop at Burj al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and the Zabeel Palace, which houses the ruling family, is mandatory. In the Bastakiya district, which shows the city as it looked in the old days with narrow streets and high windy winds, visit the Dubai Museum, which is located in the 180-year-old Al Fahidi Fort. If you are looking for exciting and inexpensive spices and nuts or maybe gold jewelry at favorable prices, do not forget to pass the spice and gold shops at Dubai Creek.

Burj-al-arab Dubai

Burj-al-Arab, Dubai


The Burj al Arab or the Sail, called the iconic building of everyday life, is the most exclusive hotel and one of the iconic features. The hotel is pretty expensive and very private, and you can’t get in there unless you have a reservation. Dinner at Burj comes quickly up to a few thousand dollars, but there are alternatives. For example, you can reserve a room for Afternoon Sky Tea for ca. USD 100 per person or drinks at Skyview Bar with minimum consumption of USD 50  per person.

Dubai Creek Golf Course

Dubai Creek Golf Course

Golf in Dubai

Golf in Dubai is a big thing in the golf world. Race to Dubai on the European Tour and in general a top-notch reputation. The emirates’ eminent courses are most common in Dubai, by the Arabian Gulf Bay by chance.

These are royal courses, they are also great courses elsewhere in the world, but it has all been taken into account down here in Dubai. You get a royal service from the time you arrive until leaving the clubhouse and superior golf course. The downside is the heat, sometime around 50 degrees Celsius, but you can even play at night or use air con golf carts. Nothing must interfere with the great golf experience.

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