Cyprus, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean

Cyprus for your next vacation?

Cypress has a near-perfect Mediterranean climate. Let’s start there. The temperatures are very attractive from 15 degrees to 30, “coldest” in January, so it’s like southern Spain.

Beautiful afternoon view of the beach around Petra tou Romiou, in Paphos, Cyprus. It is considered to be Aphrodite's birthplace in Greek mythology.

Beautiful afternoon view of the beach around Petra Tou Romiou, in Paphos, Cyprus. It is considered to be Aphrodite’s birthplace in Greek mythology.

Cyprus the sea and possibly diving?

Cyprus is for everyone: it is the Mediterranean too, what about learn to dive here? The sea is perfect, the prices are right, the people are friendly, dive in.
Wherever you choose to travel to Cyprus, the third-largest island of the Mediterranean, you find sandy beaches and clear bathing waters and a lot to see. On the island, there are over 50 beautiful beaches that have got the EU Blue Flag for its clean water and environmental friendliness. The best beaches are located on the island’s southeastern part. Here are the beaches white, the water is low far, read “child-friendly” and very popular. A little further west you will find smaller beaches where you can swim. It is also an opportunity to snorkel or dive. If you are a certified diver or want your certificate in the most beautiful sea, then the PADI center is an option here: Marine Divers, PADI 5 * Scuba Diving Center, Paphos.



The delicious food culture of Cyprus

Cyprus’s location means that the island has been influenced by Europe, the Middle East and Africa in a rare mix. The food usually reflects the history of a country and is an integral part of its culture.  The food you eat at Cyprus has been created in this cultural mix, and the meals consist of a lot of snacks, “meze”, which can be anything from pita bread and hummus to sardines, squid, grilled halloumi and moussaka. There are also Stifado see above and there is grilled cheese which is actually quite delicious.

Cyprus-grilled, local cheese

Cyprus-grilled, local cheese

Attractions at Cyprus

At Cyprus, you hardly get bored, cause there is so much to see and do. Just take a snorkel-diving excursion, visit the vineyards and find a small delicious restaurant nearby. rent a car or scooter, but remember they are driving on the left side of the road. You should too.
Visit for example Famagusta, also called the ghost town, where time has stood still since the Turkish invasion in 1974. The place is closed, it was before a vibrant city with the largest harbor. Today a reminder of a significant part of Cyprus’ history.

Cyprus, your private bay?

Cyprus Pissouri beach

Take a picnic at Cavo Greco between Ayia Napa and Fig Tree Bay and stroll or cycle in the area’s dramatic scenery with cliffs, caves and clear blue sea. Or you can go up to the red cities outside Ayia Napa and buy the best fruits and vegetables in Cyprus.



Kourion Cyprus

Outside Limassol, you will find Kourion (Curium), which houses some of the island’s most important archaeological finds from the Stone Age over the Bronze Age to the Byzantine period.

Cyprus has very ancient Roman and Byzantine roots. The amazing ruins explain the history back from the first Neolithic settlement 4500-3900 before our era. And then the Greek Argos culture in the 13th century BC and the Persian dramatic influence arise primarily in the 5th century for our era, including the fall of Alexander the Great.

You will also see a classic Roman theater with room for impressive 3,500 spectators who have watched bloody gladiatorial battles There are well-preserved Roman baths and beautiful mosaics. A must-see on the journey.

The old fort in Larnaca and Paphos is also worth the visit. Monastery, museum and ancient cultural treasures – the history-interested will have great experiences on the island.

The link to the official website of Visit Cyprus is here. Traveltalk will find more travel inspiration to share with you for this lovely island.

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