Costa del Golf -150 courses in a sunny climate year round

Costa del Golf, where European golf tourism took off.

Costa del Golf is where big-time golf tourism to Spain began.  It is an absolute classic as a travel concept for anyone who loves golf: Costa del Sol’s countless golf courses (they can actually be counted, there are more than 150)  and some of them among Europe’s best, have attracted many golfers through many years. Many golfers often got their first taste of golf right here under warmer skies and on Bermuda grass with Pil Pil prawns and white wine afterward and a trip into town after a shower at the hotel. It is one of the most authentic golf experiences abroad available. After the crisis, the lanes have risen, new ones are being added and the prices are still reasonable. Golf trips to Spain are back again with more fair pricing and a greater understanding of quality and service.

Duquesa and Manilva golf through to Marbella and La Concha mountain Manilva Sabanillas and Duquesa are all up and coming areas on the Costa del Sol

Duquesa and Manilva golf through to Marbella and La Concha mountain Manilva Sabanillas and Duquesa are all up-and-coming areas on the Costa del Sol

None above Valderrama

However, Valderrama is in a (price) class of its own, although Sotogrande is coming along well and several others are on the way up in price. You have to cough up over USD 300 for a round at Valderrama, and then factor in at least a box of balls for most of us, a meal, souvenirs, etc. Just some good advice from someone who has played it. So there is something for every golf taste and budget on the Costa del Sol when we talk about golf trips to Spain, which could also go to Barcelona or the Costa Brava. The lowest 18-hole green fee in season on golf trips in Spain is probably from 50 USD and up. Maybe try a sun-down green fee? It is usually the cheapest.

Valderrama, Spain hole 3,

Valderrama, Spain hole 3,

Golfing in southern Spain

Golf trips to Spain are extremely varied in concept from 9-hole courses near a landfill (none mentioned, none forgotten) to divine courses like the ones below. Do you want to play a narrow mountain course or do you want to see the Mediterranean from as many holes as possible? Costa del Sol delivers on all fronts, but it is also a  business. So in most places, you don’t have to look all day for your ball or not close through. Here you risk being timed. A certain number of players have to go through each day, so pay more and take it easy or go a little faster, but the Spanish and their golf sheriffs are just following the rules of golf and how long you have to wait, it’s no worse. Danish tracks could learn something from this.

Golf trips to Spain from Malaga to Cadiz

From Malaga and westwards there are golf courses almost all the way past Gibraltar and east of Malaga the range is much smaller. Here, the money is not so big and the tourist boom has never been so lucrative. However, there are 4-5 good courses at a reasonable distance from East Malaga. Let’s take a look at the others.
Here is one of many lists of what are worth playing of the best courses. Yes, it is quite subjective,  and there are probably courses that you miss on the inspiration list, but there are not some that are not played by a lot of golfers from all over the world, and all of them are at a high level. Later we will make a top 11-20, so there is a wide selection, also at an affordable price.

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Spain’s top courses on the Costa Del Sol

Marbella is the classy destination on Costa del Sol

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