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Antalya is situated 130 km west of Alanya and is the largest Mediterranean city in Turkey. It sits on the southern Turkish Mediterranean coast, located in the province of the same name. The town stretches along the breathtaking bay where Lara Beach and the 8 km long Konyaalti beach resides. The beaches are separated by impressive steep cliffs, which makes for a spectacular scenery and additional privacy.

Lara Beach Antalya

Lara Beach Antalya

The city covers a vast area stretching up to ancient Lycia, and, has over 1.1 mill. inhabitants. The central old part is called Kaleiçi. Considered both an airport city and provincial capital, Antalya is a fantastic historical and cultural destination, definitely worth a visit. It is no wonder that the city is popular with tourists, as it sees an average of 300 days of sunshine a year. Many people go there to enjoy the most comfortable life on the beach and its wide range of hotel accommodations. Some would take a few detours to explore the stunningly beautiful harbor and the rustic old Roman district. It is also close to Turkey’s best golf courses, which are typically cheaper and more advanced in terms of difficulty, than in other parts of Europe.

Vandfaldet Duden i Antalya, Turkiet

The Duden Waterfall in Antalya, Turkey

The area has a myriad of memories from the past. Many Greeks and Romans and have left about 2000 year-old evidence of Turkey’s rich cultural heritage called Lykia. The amazing ruins and history behind it is an excursion worth doing.

Antalya. Ancient theatre built by the Lycians in the ancient site of Simena, near the town of Kas.

Antalya. Nice Roman amphitheater in stunning surroundings at Simena, near the city of Kas.

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