Winter holidays in Vienna

Exciting winter holidays in Vienna: A perfect getaway

Winter holidays in Vienna is dialing into the classic feeling of white winter and perhaps Christmas and New Year celebration.
Vienna in winter is a very special experience – it’s almost magical! Here you really get the opportunity to see the artistic and cultural side of Austria, while the city’s surrounding landscapes are covered by a white blanket of snow in the cold months.

Ready for ice skating in Vienna?

In Vienna, one of the great winter sports is ice skating. In the city’s 17th district, you will find the world’s oldest open-air skating rink with artificial ice, and in the center is both one of the world’s largest and oldest skating rinks between the Stadtpark and the concert hall. In addition, Vienna is also home to the famous 9,000 m2 “Wiener Eistraum” – a giant ice rink in the middle of the city!

Both professional figure skaters and recreational skaters come here to enjoy the mirror-like ice combined with the view of beautiful Vienna. The large rink offers space for everyone who wants a few hours of fun on the ice. It all merges into an atmospheric scene where you enjoy the free feeling of gliding away, while the Christmas music and the spicy scents of hot mulled wine and burnt almonds are felt in the background.

After a few hours on the ice, you need something to strengthen you. Here it is obvious to visit one of the many Christmas markets in the city, where you can enjoy a hot drink or a sweet snack while you enjoy the genuine Viennese Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas in Austria

Christmas in Austria

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