Tuvalu, 3 islands and 6 atolls

Tuvalu is the third least populated country in the world

Tuvalu was also known as The Gilbert and Ellice Islands until 1976. It is located in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and Hawaii. It is the third least populated country in the world. Tuvalu consists of nine land masses, 3 islands and 6 atolls, which are predominantly circular and are found in the central region of the Pacific Ocean. Quite close to Fiji. The islands cover an area of ​​1.3 mill m2.

Tuvalu was also in 2016 the least visited tourist country in the world with approx. 2,000 visitors, then you are a real globetrotter, this is where you should strike.

Worth knowing about Tuvalu

Tuvalu is an island state in Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. The country has 10,094 inhabitants, and is thus the independent state in the world with the third least inhabitants, after the Vatican City State and Nauru. Tuvalu consists of nine inhabited atolls spread over a sea area of ​​about 1.3 million km².

Tuvalu consists of 9 islands in total

Among these nine islands, three are larger and six smaller in size. There are 129 islands here. The nine islands are Niutao, Funafuti, Nukufetau, Nanumaga, niulakita, Nanumea, Nukulaelae, Nui and Waitupu. the water bodies are locked. Lagoons are very common in this place.

How is the climate

Tuvalu has a tropical climate. Precipitation is very regular and the islands generally have enough sun and rain for lush agriculture. There are lots of fish and sea plants that are found in the oceans around it. Coconut palms and pandanus are found in the water areas around it.

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the country and for the right reasons too. People from all over the world visit the country to see the extraordinarily beautiful beaches.

As one of the smallest and most remote nations in the world, this unspoiled corner of the Pacific Ocean offers a peaceful and non-commercialized environment ideal for rest. The spectacular sea environment, consisting of a vast sea scattered with atolls, magnificent lagoons, coral reefs and small islands, all give a unique South Sea atmosphere.

The beach at Funafuti

The beautiful beach at Funafuti attracts many visitors who come here to relax by sunbathing by the beach. The Polynesian people on the island are very friendly and tourists visiting the island will spend a relaxing holiday in the beautiful surroundings in which the Polynesian ethnic people live. The island is famous for the small size of the countryside and the great sea. The island also has many lagoons and smaller islands that add to the unique atmosphere of the island of Tuvalu.

Large conservation area with Funafuti.

The nature conservation area is spread over an area of ​​33 square kilometers and is something that visitors should not miss. It includes beautiful coral reefs, canals and six uninhabited islets. All these attractions in the Funafuti Conservation Area attract tourists from all over the world. If you’re looking for a piece of history, Tuvalu has it too. During World War II, U.S. forces built an air base on the northeast side of Nanumea, which is a major tourist attraction today.

If you are visiting Tuvalu, do not miss the dance of the Polynesian ethnic traditions. The country’s national game is te ano, and participating in one of the games is something that many tourists do.

Diving and snorkeling in Tuvalu and the 3 islands and 6 atolls

With islands made of coral reefs, Tuvalu is truly an inspiring place for diving. 33 km2 of lagoon, reef, sea, and island habitats form part of a protected area. It is still open to visitors for hiking, snorkeling, and picnicking. You will not find any local dive shops or operators in Tuvalu, but most hotels are happy to help you. On arrival, you can rent equipment and get guidance on the best diving sites.

How to get to the islands

Fiji’s domestic airline, Air Fiji, offers flights between Suva and Tuvalu’s main island, Funafuti, twice a week – and there’s a simple choice when it comes to accommodation in Funafuti once you’re there. There is a government-owned hotel and several family-owned guest houses and B & Bs on the country’s most populous island.

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