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Sustainable travel

Sustainable travel is a must if we want to travel with a clear conscience, and in the end, survive as a species and reduce the extinction of other species to a mere minimum. It is the most important contribution from the travel industry in the future to the world, from which it feeds so much.

View Sir David Attenborough in this moving speech about our last-minute call to action to save the planet. He is a beacon of light and information at age 95 speaking without a script for 10 minutes.

As a small participant in the media industry around “travel”,  is there much or little we can do? In our sponsor concept, we give back to chosen and reliable, and relevant charities. So the more we get from traffic to sponsorships, the more we give back. 5% is the minimum.  Awareness building is perhaps our biggest contribution to come.

We will identify and recommend travel providers with a clear matching philosophy as part of our endeavor. We live in a realistic world per definition, but the future is written by those, who take care of it.



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