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Traveltalk on Facebook in English is now a fact

Traveltalk on Facebook is an integrated part of our being in touch with the world.

Now since we have opened the English version of the travel portal, specifically targetting English speaking travel interests, we added this new facebook page: Facebook for

We would love it, if you helped us building this page, by liking it! Thank you, we promise to bring you almost daily, curated travel news, videos, posts, personal travel accounts, and selected offer. on facebook on facebook, click picture to like

Traveltalk on Facebook is your shortcut to relevant and engaging travel news

It has always been the ambition to be a relevant and active part of the social media for travel and vacation interests and create a substantial travel portal. We do this in close corporation with our partners and with social media as such to grow this coherent digital ecosystem that produces and shares travel experiences and travel inspiration and offers for as many people as possible. We are bitten by the travel bug, and easily get restless sitting in the office. So many adventures are waiting out there. For the world is still a great place to explore.

We now have over 1.000 articles on with travel inspiration and travel ideas, we share with all readers and in cooperation with travel agencies, airlines, tourist offices and many more. And it grows almost daily.  “Traveling” has earned a huge place in our hearts. We want to share this passion and especially content like new travel concepts, insight, places, interests for a more fulfilling vacation for you and your loved ones.

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