Travel to Sri Lanka and see the beauty

Travel to Sri Lanka, the overlooked South East Asia

Travel to Sri Lanka is a good travel tip, one you may never have considered. We would also like to tell you why. Sri Lanka joins an exclusive circle of countries in Asia that are more or less undiscovered and have avoided the scourge of mass tourism. But Sri Lanka is now in the eye of the possible travel hurricane, despite the fact that in recent years it has been provided with an infrastructure that works, including the most beautiful train lines, and there are cool hotels if you do not want to sleep on the beach.

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Sri Lanka has seen a lot of civil war, and now it is already 10 years later

It is more than 10 years since Sri Lanka came out of a barbaric civil war. And in a short time, the island has managed to be named the best country to visit in 2019 by Lonely Planet. We hope they can cope with the upswing that tourism is experiencing. It’s like instant fame for a rock musician. Not so easy to handle. Tourism has grown in the number of annual visitors from 450,000 in 2009 to over 2 million last year. It is expected to double soon, but Covid19 also took its toll here. Other countries such as the Philippines, which has some of the world’s most beautiful islands, abruptly stopped in 2018 on Boracay and closed the island to tourism for over 1/2 year to clean the place up from scratch and redefine tourism from party to ecology (it is open again, cleaner than for many years ); an island that is often in the top 10 of the many more or less serious “best tropical islands” in the tourism world. It takes something to become so/too popular.

Sri Lanka, Dambulla

Dambulla, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Central Province, Sri Lanka, Asia.

Sri Lanka has invested in better transportation, roads, and hotels that are top-notch. It has paid off. Sri Lanka is on the map as both airlines and travel agencies such as package tour operators around the world come put Sri Lanka on the map. A good piece of advice is to visit the island before it becomes too popular.

Go to Dambulla, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Sri Lanka Leopard

Sri Lanka Leopard

Sri Lankan leopard, Panthera pardus kotiya, Big spotted cat lying on the tree in the nature habitat, Yala national park, Sri Lanka
The sanctuary of wild animals.

The wild nature of Sri Lanka

Let’s take a look at the nature in Sri Lanka: Few places in the world have so many wild elephants and leopards. This is where the authenticity comes in. The ancient tea-producing country, formerly Ceylon until 1974, has always taken care of nature, or at least not disturbed it, so it is a gift as a visitor in itself.

Go to Yala national park.


Herd of elefants walking in a jungle river in Sri Lanka

Herd of elephants walking in a jungle river in Sri Lanka for a morning shower

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