Top cities in the world with the highest standard of living

Top cities in the world, where would you like to live?

If you could move anywhere to another city where would you go and where should you go? This list gives you some insight into the quality of living in major cities around the world based on a report by Deutsche Bank in 2017.  Also, they are a good guide as to where to go on a city break.  The criteria were 8 factors including cost of living, climate, health-care, property price measured against income ratio, purchasing power, safety, traffic commute time, and pollution. There are definite surprises depending on where you come from and how you perceive the world.

the castle from Calton Hill at sunset, Edinburgh, Scotland

the castle from Calton Hill at sunset, Edinburgh, Scotland

These top cities have the highest quality of life in the world, 2017

  1. Wellington, New Zealand
  2. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  3. Vienna, Austria
  4. Melbourne, Australia
  5. Zurich, Switzerland
  6. Copenhagen, Denmark
  7. Ottawa, Canada
  8. Boston, United States
  9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  10. Sydney, Australia
  11. Helsinki, Finland (TIE)
  12. Berlin, Germany (TIE)
  13. Auckland, New Zealand
  14. Toronto, Canada
  15. Lisbon, Portugal
  16. Madrid, Spain
  17. Cape Town, South Africa
  18. San Francisco, United States
  19. Prague, Czech Republic
  20. Stockholm, Sweden
  21. Dublin, Ireland
  22. Chicago, United States
  23. Warsaw, Poland
  24. Brussels, Belgium
  25. Johannesburg, South Africa
  26. Oslo, Norway
  27. Tokyo, Japan
  28. New York, United States
  29. Milan, Italy
  30. Paris, France
  31. Istanbul, Turkey
  32. Athens, Greece
  33. London, United Kingdom
  34. Bangalore, India
  35. Mexico City, Mexico
  36. Hong Kong
  37. Shanghai, China
  38. Moscow, Russia
  39. Singapore
  40. Sao Paulo, Brazil
  41. New Delhi, India
  42. Beijing, China
  43. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  44. Jakarta, Indonesia
  45. Mumbai, India
  46. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  47. Manila, Philippines

Links are marked to read more about selected the cities in question.

Source is Deutsche Bank Research

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