Ski holidays in Livigno, Italy

Ski holidays in Livigno, Italy

Ski holidays in Livigno from a-z means we cover the quality of the ski area, before and after skiing with its ever-growing offers, the price level in the city, which is low, where you can stay, links to ski trip prices and much more. In short, the fairly complete intro to Livigno. And it is growing all the time.

Ski holidays in Livigno

Top of Livigno

Livigno is on many ski holiday travelers’ wish lists. Why has the place become so popular within the last 20-30 years? There are several reasons.

Week 7 is the most fun as a ski vacation in Livigno

Livigno in the Italian Alps is not bigger or has more lifts than other top ski destinations, but it is still the place that many skiers return to year after year. There will be approx. 4500 Danes a small nation of avid skiers,  to Livigno in week 7, the biggest of the ski holiday weeks. That’s 1/3 of all visitors that week! In fact, the ski sharks are coming too. Those who run black slopes and humps and have the wallet in order to go heli-skiing because it’s a myth you can’t find challenging skiing in Livigno. I myself have raced with some of the best skiers who love Livigno. And if people tell a local ski guide that it’s not difficult enough, they take you an off-piste ride, then the expectations are aligned, and a myth punctured.

Is Livigno too easy as a ski area?

Livigno is actually for total beginners with a whole valley full of easy pistes,  for Olympic champions, who have training camps here and everything in between. The Italians want to look good on skis as in all aspects of life, and they know very well that the people from many countries ski at most 2-3 weeks a year, so the pistes are often wide and flawlessly groomed, but the locals, who are very good skiers,  are also looking for challenges and have been skiing since they were 3.  We have all seen that tail of incredibly skilled little 4-5-year-old skiers following a ski instructor when we are on a ski vacation. They don’t just want to run green and blue slopes.

Find a ski guide and if you want to be challenged, take two hours for one of the greatest skiing experiences of your life. Among other things. get your skiing up to speed and get a good rhythm, then everything is easier.

Ski holidays in Livigno

Livigno Piste Map 2023

Off-piste challenges at Mottolino

There are plenty of off-piste challenges. Take a ride on the back of Mottolino (one of two mountains and lift systems) where you have it all almost to yourself including a lift back from a fantastic off-piste route and then there are heli rides for those who dare, can, and pay. In 2018, Livigno was voted the 3rd best snowpark in the Alps and number 1 in Italy. This kind of thing should always be taken with a grain of salt, but the place has its own incomparable charm and perfect skiing from October to April-May with very high snow security.

Or are you also coming to drink delicious Italian wine and Bombardino (the local brandy and egg liqueur, here we go)? Or to buy fashion clothes, electronics, ski equipment duty-free and eat Italian ham, which was practically invented here? In fact, Livigno “claims” the Bressaola and other cut cold cuts, which are excellent. It and the other charcuterie delights and mountain cheeses are world class here. But are those  reasons that drive people back year after year? Think we’re not the only ones. There is more to the attraction of the place. Once Livigno, always Livigno.

Ski holiday in Livigno - Angels & Demons restaurant

Ski holiday in Livigno – Angels & Demons restaurant

Livigno makes you feel at home

You will quickly feel at home on your skiing holiday in Livigno. You have two ski areas “for the price of one”  in Livigno itself. Namely one on both sides of the valley at an altitude of 1800 meters, each with its own opportunities and challenges, and also on both sides of the valley there are plenty of good hotels. You can go from one area to the other in approx. 10 minutes or take a ski bus that runs in shuttle operation in 2-3 minutes. You have children’s ski slopes so it’s a blast, but you also have great après-skiing and a city life that is as cozy as possible. And then there is almost no waiting time at the lifts! In short, this is also the place where many Danish ski holiday guests come and feel at home year after year.

Livigno Carosello side

Danski must have had the honor of discovering Livigno almost 40 years ago and has been there ever since, together with Nortlander and Slopetrotters, etc., and it is not without reason! There are the best beginner and children conditions in Livigno for everyone. On the Carossello side, there are literally kilometers of easy pistes and ski lessons. The slopes are right down by the town. You can take a break, have a cup of coffee, soak up the sun, and then continue training 5 minutes later. At the same time, slightly experienced skiers have a very nice terrain with wide, well-prepared pistes, which almost looks like a large area without restrictions: you can run all over it, no narrow pistes and lots of other skiers behind, standing across behind the next tight turn. Full view and shift gears! You have to expect slightly more difficult descents in the last part from the intermediate station on the Carosello side. Experienced and very experienced have good opportunities for really good technical training. In fact, also right down by the center of the city, where you get a lot of wood with short, efficient lifts to a bit of forest or humps.

Ski holidays in Livigno

Livigno Carossello side

Travel tips for ski holidays in Livigno

Here’s the cool tip: Buy a 7-day ski pass and run all Saturday almost alone in the entire area. And then you drive just after 18:00, the last car train in Switzerland approx. at 22:20, but check the itinerary that you must take to avoid a mega hard mountain pass trip. The last departure with the mountain train does not leave until 22:20, (but check before departure online!) so there is plenty of time. It takes approx. 45 minutes to drive into Switzerland for the car train, mind you without a queue out of Livigno and it’s always in the morning on a Saturday, so it’s also ugly. You drive on board, stay in the car and 18 minutes later you are deep in Switzerland, and have saved over 100 km and over an hour’s drive, so that is the solution, delivered free of charge here on the site And it applies both ways 🙂 . Now save the many kilometers in those mountain passes!

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