Michelin star to Singapore street food

Singapore street food with Michelin star for the price of a hot dog?

Singapore street food is famous, but this is undoubtedly the world’s cheapest Michelin star food, and an incredible story. Get it here:

In Singapore, the competition for the best meals is fierce, especially among street vendors of Singapore street food, the so-called hawkers, as it is called in Singapore. It’s almost a national treasure with a full street, Hawker Street dedicated to Singapore street food. But the restaurants also struggle for the guests’ favor. It gets more beautiful, bigger and more experimented all the time, and Michelin starred with a lean hand over the city.
Liao Fan Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle’s stand in the middle of the street has gone a different way long before the owner knew there was something called Michelin and stars from the same French flavors:

Here you can try Singapore street food at a delicious level: Chan Hon Meng’s famous chicken with rice right at 1.42, USD. (maybe slightly more expensive now) Bon appetite!

singapore michelin street food 2

Now also Singapore Streetfood as a restaurant.

In 2016, when Michelin found the Liao Fan Hawker spot, the success was so overwhelming that the owner chose to find a partner and open a restaurant that seats 80 guests a few yards from the street kitchen, which still exists as good as ever.

Back to Singapore:

singapore michelin street food

“I knew nothing about Michelin and thought it was a joke”, a fully understandable response from the chef.

The new restaurant also offers take-out, and on the 2nd day of opening, people queued for hours to try the now famous forever signature dish: chicken and rice. It can be done so easily.

Hawker Chan’s menu is the same in the restaurant including the also famous “char siew noodler”, “pork rib hor fun” and Meng’s legendary famous “soy sauce chicken rice”.

Have you got a taste for Singapore Streetfood?

Then read more about Singapore, the incredible city that preserves the eastern charm and warmth and combines with urban renewal on the top shelf, countless restaurants and experiences and one of the world’s best social security systems.


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