Sailing trips in the Mediterranean

Sailing trips in the Mediterranean. The ultimate freedom in traveling

Sailing trips in the Mediterranean is one of the most pleasant ways to see Southern Europe and enjoy a vacation to the full. You don´t have to worry about sailing skills. There is a sailing trip out there for everybody: The world explorer, the Yacht with captain choice, or the sailboat with or without an experienced crew to guide you to perhaps your new favorite way to move from a to b. Try it out! Sailing vacations allow you to get a whole new perspective on How to spend your vacation.  If you a new to this Seaworld, you may well be amazed to see how many places you can go to more or less around the world. You will also meet a lot of new friends. Maybe just for a drink in the harbor, maybe for life. Be you own Columbus, explore the world by sea.

Imagine being able to enjoy all the sights and sensations of calm ocean sailing and waking up the next day only to do it again! All that and more is what a sailing vacation can offer you. Let´s dig in.

Sailing, Port-Miou calanque in Cassis. France. '

Sailing, Port-Miou calanque in Cassis. France. ‘

There is a wide range of sailing destinations from which you can choose. You can choose to sail through the tropical islets and the crystalline turquoise waters of the Caribbean or follow the routes of the ancient sailors in the Mediterranean. Or maybe you want to enjoy the beauty of the Scandinavian fjords. These are just some of the destinations offered. You can surely find the place of navigation that appeals to your spirit.

Sailing holidays give you a lot of independence, and you can really relax the way you want. There is no tourist bus to keep up to date, and there is no room service to worry about. You don’t have to cook as you can go ashore to get food when you need it if you don’t feel like cooking something for yourself. You can take the time to sit on the terrace as well as relax in the sun with the book you’ve wanted to read for the past few years if that’s what you like to do.

Yachting is a totally different animal sometimes. Meet Magna Grecia

Sailing is an exciting and relaxing hobby while you enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing on your yacht with your friends. Explore isolated beaches and find idyllic harbors in coastal towns and reach parts of the coast inaccessible by any other form of transportation. Navigation offers incredible views of marine life in its natural habitat, while panoramic views of the coastline reveal some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. And some people enjoy it in a luxury style of its own.

Yachting is also a sailing holiday in a big way. We will make a separate article about this in 2020. This yacht is one of the world’s largest and sails in the Mediterranean on charter, including on the Italian Riviera. Expect from. 230.000 Euro per week with full crew and room for 12 well-taken-care of passengers, so you could share the cost?

Sailing trips in the Mediterranean

Sailing trips in the Mediterranean is one of the most exciting options for a cruise vacation. The great diversity of destinations, unique cultures, and exciting things to do and see on board a cruise or sail trip in the Mediterranean Sea are truly surprising for such a small geographical area of ​​the world. If you are a person who loves history, big cities, or idyllic and romantic islands, Mediterranean cruises are for you!

The Mediterranean Sea is known as part of a large body of water in southern Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa, and many cruise lines have visited this area since the cruises have been in operation. The Mediterranean is simply a fantastic destination for a cruise vacation. The weather is absolutely fantastic, and it has some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Sailing the Mediterranean is essentially a journey into the heart of civilization. This is probably the only type of cruise that has the most destinations of historical and cultural importance. Many people will discover that a Mediterranean cruise is romantic, very educational, and very adventurous.

There are around 17 countries and more than 120 seaports around the Mediterranean Sea coast, so there are obviously many combinations of sailing that are available on trips that will last from a week to two weeks or more. A great clash of cultures awaits all those who choose a Mediterranean cruise.

The Mediterranean is the perfect cruise destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a wide variety of different cultures, all in one vacation.

Here are some of the most popular places to go on sailing trips in the Med. and links to more travel inspiration for each destination.

Balearic Islands (Mallorca)
Amalfi Coast (Italy
Ionian Islands (Greece)
Sicily and the Aeolian Islands
French Riviera, like Cote d’Azur
Turkey and the Turquoise Coast
Croatia and Montenegro

Hvar Town, Hvar, Croatia big

Sailing trips the islands of Croatia

Croatia’s impressive coastline is made up of more than 1,000 islands, making sailing from Dubrovnik to Korcula and other islands an unusually rich experience. When you decide to sail around Croatia on a yacht, you strengthen your bond with nature. The crystal clear water and stunning sunsets not only evoke great awe at the views but also allow you to forget about technologies and homework. The islands offer countless possibilities to explore the nature and culture of Croatia. For example, the national park on the island of Mljet offers interesting hiking and cycling routes. A charter yacht from Dubrovnik can take you to the Benedictine Monastery of Santa Maria, which dates back to the 12th century. Another stunning island where elegant restaurants and medieval architecture coexist is Hvar. But the most popular island is Korcula, which has maintained high standards of hospitality for many centuries. Croatian island resorts in Dalmatian cost can also be explored in a more adventurous way. Yacht Week takes you on an unforgettable route through the best destinations in Croatia. Exciting beach and water parties create a perfect match for a remarkable sailing vacation. The routes start from different places. From Split, Yacht Week heads to Vis, Komiz, and Hvar. More soft cruises are also available for those who are traveling with children or don’t want to drink and have fun.

Sicily, Italy, Old beach in Cefalu with fishing boats

Sicily, Italy, Old beach in Cefalu with fishing boats

Sailing trips around the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are named after Aeolus, the Roman god of winds, and you have an idea of the sort of sailing you might expect across this volcanic archipelago, just one day off the coast of Sicily. The water is clear and cobalt blue, the summers are dry, and the islands are far enough apart to combine rewarding boating with plenty of time spent surfing, snorkeling or exploring the property. If you’re looking for good restaurants and nightlife, the more populous islands of Lipari, Salina and Panarea offer it, along with marinas and supermarkets. If you want more peaceful anchorages, the more remote islands give them, along with hot springs and volcanic mud baths. Two of them, Stromboli and Vulcano, are active volcanoes; One of the highlights of a wind chart is watching Stromboli’s natural fireworks while sipping Chianti or Ratzina in your cabin on a warm summer night.

Sunset scene of Vlacherna monastery, Kanoni, Corfu, Greece

Sunset scene of Vlacherna monastery, Kanoni, Corfu, Greece

Sailing trips in The Greek Islands

Mysterious and impressive Greece is always a popular destination and has been on the radar of many people looking for ways to explore the magic that this country has. It doesn’t matter if you are a history lover, a food lover, or just looking for an amazing destination for your next vacation … Greece is a place you can’t go wrong with! On your trip, visit one of the many islands with amazing landscapes and explore the tracks on land or dive into the sea. When the summer days slowly begin to fade, be sure to secure a good position and watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world glistening on the surface of the sea and white houses. Needless to say, this show is best to watch from the sea in the comfort of your boat with friends or family.

There are so many  islands to explore, each with its own unique personality, but all conveniently located so close to each other, that each stop at a new port feels different and fresh. The top six island regions for a sailing vacation in Greece include the Ionian Islands, the Cyclades, the Saronic Islands, and the Argolic Gulf, the Sporades Islands, and the Dodecanese Islands. The Ionian, the Cyclades, and the Saronic, however, are the most popular. Imagine picturesque fishing harbors, idyllic anchorages, history, and culture – the Greek islands are the perfect destination for your next Mediterranean vacation.

The Greek islands were made for sailing.

Rent a boat in Greece?

Malta, Valetta harbourMalta, Valetta harbour

Sailing around the island of Malta

Malta, one of the most popular summer vacation destinations in the Mediterranean, seems to be the most recommended option for boaters looking to explore beautiful places and have adventurous experiences. Malta is a less crowded destination, although it offers a variety of activities, such as diving or exploring its rich and long history while promising beautiful sandy and rocky beaches with crystal clear waters on the islands of Gozo and Comino, as well as along the coast.

Visit Malta in the spring months or in the first autumn period, as the summer months are always too hot, mainly due to the geographical location of the island that is close enough to Africa.

The Turquoise Coast

The Mediterranean is a vast shipping center that has an eclectic range of cultures and landscapes. The Turkish coast is where the west and east meet. It is not the only spectacular combination with the yacht business on the Turquoise Coast. Famous for its green-capped mountains and blue waters, the Turkish Riviera is a magnificent sailing ground for both national and international boaters. The coast is a treasure of archaeological sites. On a charter yacht, you can reach one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites: Ephesus. Located not far from modern Selçuk, Ephesus symbolizes the magnificence of the Roman Empire. The remains of the Celso Library, the Grand Theater, and the Temple of Artemis are a must-see for anyone interested in ancient history. If you want to see the authentic Turkish nature, moor your yacht in the vibrant city of Fethiye and go directly to the local market. You can also stay on board and navigate to the picturesque Ölüdeniz lagoon. Don’t miss your chance to see a true ghost town: Kaya Köyü. The ruins of the Greek village are in the vicinity of Fethiye. In search of the best diving sites, yachts are usually anchored in the ports of Antalya, where culture and nightlife are highly developed. The pearl of the turquoise coast is Bodrum. Sailing in Bodrum means renting a yacht near a medieval castle, an underwater museum, and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. The coast of the Bodrum peninsula is rich in white sandy beaches. Therefore, it is an ideal place for an informative and relaxing holiday.

Sailing trips in Spain

Spain and Costa del Sol, in particular, are perfect destinations for those looking to travel in style along a beautiful coastline with lots of harbors and freely explore all the diversity that Southern Spain has to offer. When you delve into the depths of culture, beautiful destinations, sunny beaches, and local restaurants, you will be amazed. After meeting the friendly local people with the heart of gold, you will love Spain like no other place in the world. In addition to world-famous cities, there are plenty of hidden gems to explore, all from tranquil towns and bays perfect for boat breaks and relaxation. In addition to the natural beauty of this country, we cannot forget to mention Spanish wines and incredible food! Spaniards are known for their love of good food, fun nights, and good wines. You can enjoy some of the local restaurants, order some tapas, or enjoy food onboard that would serve your passionate chef for his work. Either way, this perfect food, and wine will please even the toughest critics.

The Amalfi Coast

You may think you know Italy, but a sailing holiday on the Amalfi coast offers a whole new way, and we believe, more authentic, to experience this fantastic and vibrant country. Like the French Riviera, the Amalfi Coast draws luxury yacht tourists from all over the world who know that Italy’s stunning and vibrant coastline is best viewed from the sea.

The natural scenery is breathtaking, the marinas are beautiful, and Italian food and wine are (always) delicious. Sandy beaches and small towns on the Amalfi coast draw visitors from all over the world, but renting your own yacht offers you the chance to avoid the crowds and relax in the peaceful anchorages and smaller, authentic harbors. The mountains and villages of the Amalfi Coast and several surrounding islands are renowned for their picturesque beauty, and there is no better vantage point than the deck of your sailboat as you cross the coast.

Sailing trips along the Italian Riviera

Not far from the south of France, the chic and color-studded Italian Riviera greets visitors with its own mix of glitter, glamor, and vintage charm. Famous the world over for its postcard-perfect towns dotting the rugged crescent-shaped Ligurian coastline that drops dramatically into a sparkling turquoise sea, the Italian Riviera is a wonderful boating experience, whether you’re looking for culture, history, excellent Italian cuisine, or sensational landscapes.

You can start your adventure in San Remo and navigate to Portofino, passing through sparkling bays, adorable old harbors, and serene and hidden beaches. The highlight of your trip will definitely be the fishing villages of Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with their brightly colored houses, narrow medieval streets and amazing tourism opportunities.

Bonifacio town on beautiful white rock cliff with sea bay, Corsica, France, Europe.

Bonifacio town on a beautiful white rock cliff with sea bay, Corsica, France, Europe.

Sailing trips near Corsica

Corsica, located in the southeast of France and lies in the center of the Mediterranean between France and Italy. Although legally part of France, the island also has an Italian culture. Corsica has everything the eye could wish to see. Corsica, a picturesque island that has fascinated people for decades, remains one of the most visited locations in the Mediterranean Sea. However, unlike the brave sailors who still welcome the unexpected while sailing the enchanting shores of this island, seafarers today need careful preparation. The ports of Bonifacio and Calvi unite with a romantic atmosphere that comes from the ancient city of Corsica.

Sa Colonia beach, Chia resort, Sardinia, Italy.

Sa Colonia beach, Chia resort, Sardinia, Italy.

Sailing around Sardegna /Sardinia

Known as the home of spectacular big boat racing, Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean. Its 1,100 miles of rugged coastline is a sailor’s dream: not for beginners, with winds often blowing 20 knots or more, but it’s home to beautiful anchorages and harbors, medieval villages, and the remnants of the many cultures they left behind. The beautiful Costa Smeralda, in the extreme northeast of the island, is the best area to sail, but it is full of superyachts and jet-setters from June to the end of August, making it difficult to find berths in the marina and it is very expensive, especially in Puerto Cervo Be prepared to anchor a lot; fortunately, there are many good anchorages, or to go out of season. Don’t miss the Maddalena Islands in the extreme northeast.

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