Raffles Hotel Singapore, more ready than ever

Raffles Hotel Singapore after the reopening

Raffles Hotel Singapore reopened with an expanded suite count of 115. Take a look at what’s new, amidst the striking architecture, heritage and graceful service of the hotel through the centuries. In the personal sanctuary of your suite, experience the glamour and sophistication of the golden age of travel. Indulge in luxury and personalized service, true hallmarks of the Raffles experience.

In 1897, Mark Twain responded with this quote on rumors about his death, “the report of my death was an exaggeration”. It later inspired popular journalistic expressions with the words “highly exaggerated” in different formats.
Fast forward 2017, articles from the press in Asia circulated on the Internet, some of which intended to mislead the public that the Raffles Hotel will be closed down. Catchy headlines like those are sure to get a ton of clicks, but would likely disappoint readers with their deceptive nature. The same could be said about the White House closure that went viral during fall of the same year. Still, both structures were in need of renovation. The Raffles Hotel, the most iconic hotel in Singapore, is scheduled to complete its major reconstruction and will be open to the public by the end of the year would. It would surely warrant a visit should you choose to travel to the country.

Raffles Hotel Presidential-Suite-Living-Room

Raffles Hotel Presidential-Suite-Living-Room

Delicate restoration of the Raffles Hotel completed

Sources from the hotel management itself tells us that there is a thorough and demanding 3-phase renovation process of the restaurant. Several of the famous hotel suites were also being renovated in this phase. By the end of 2017, the hotel closed completely, but the famous slings are available in a pop-up concept, right next to the hotel. There’s just too much demand to close it down! Here is the official statement from Raffles: “Raffles Singapore is now fully closed with a planned reopening at the end of 2018. The original Singapore Sling experience is now served at a pop-up Long Bar located at 3 Seah Street, next to the Raffles Gift Shop which remains open throughout our restoration.”


Singapore-Sling-New-Hero-Shot, Cheers!

You can read all about the project here.

A little history of the Raffles Hotel Singapore

Raffles Hotel Singapore opened in 1887 and has since been a five-star luxury hotel as well as an iconic landmark in Singapore. It features the essence of Far East charm and style with its famous colonial architecture and interior design.

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Raffles, with its excellent location, is an oasis in an ultramodern city. It has hosted and served a myriad of well-known, influential and rich individuals throughout the years.

Bar & Billard Room. We cannot wait to get back in! 

Raffles Hotel Bar & Billard Room

Raffles Hotel Bar & Billard Room

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