Paragliding in the ultra heights of Nepal

Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal? Because you can, if you dare.

Paragliding is the big attraction in Pokhara in Nepal, and after trying it, it’s easy to understand why people fall in love with this great adrenaline rush. After seeing the snow-covered mountain peaks from a perspective close to the top, it was almost time to get up there.

paragliding nepal

a I arrived in Pokhara in magnificent Nepal, I had heard of paragliding, this extreme way of enjoying nature, and without fully knowing what it was, sounded like something to try. The foggy notions of how such a trip takes place, however, quickly become very clear. Walking around Pokhara, along the entire lakeside is filled with providers for such an adventure, and if you glance at the sky in the middle of the day, it is almost impossible not to spot the countless paragliders hanging so nicely up there – I should try.

Once you have found your paragliding provider and booked – make sure your trip is not on your last day in town; The trip can be postponed due to the changing weather conditions – it is just about making sure that you are also mentally and physically ready for it. I chose to eat a very modest breakfast to be on the safe side.

With trembling knees, I was picked up, and driven the half-length ride up a narrow mountain road. My first meeting with paragliding is about a minute. With the many and eager drivers who would all like to come first to the best parking spaces, it is already in this way already the adventure starts. However, I have a belief that, after running this trip 3-4 times a day, every day, they have control over it.

In Pokhora there are always paragliders ready. You’re the next one.

The arrival of the platform for paragliding in Pokhara is a special experience and there are constant departures from the mountain side. As soon as one is gone, a new one comes and puts his gear on and prepares mentally. Therefore, it can also seem a little hectic when you have to take off, but those responsible are incredibly professional and have control over what they are doing. And suddenly you hang out in the middle of the air and can do nothing but enjoy the light wind, the fresh air and the amazing view. They have incredible control over the parachutes which controls the direction, and there is something almost meditative about the feeling of carefree to follow the wind. The half-hour in the air disappears too quickly. It is an experience with ultimate paragliding, I would not be without.

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