New Zealand from the air

Incredible New Zealand from the air.

New Zealand from the air in a fantastic HD video that has taken more than a year to make and we thank MBM Productions for the fantastic result. New Zealand is and will be a different travel country in so many ways: The longest you can travel in the world from Denmark. (Expect just over 30 hours with Singapore Airlines), the incredible beauty that is shown in Lord of the Rings, and the difference from island to island, from place to place. It is also the youngest country in the world in terms of making an undiscovered country a nation state and let’s remind you of a fantastic wine and food production you can discuss with a super friendly English-speaking population! Welcome.

From our intro to New Zealand:
“New Zealand is completely it’s own and requires you to like to travel far, really far, but you could stopover and see another country on the way if you have the time. If you want to travel to the end of the world (and home again), and if you also want to see one of the world’s most unique countries, then New Zealand is a really good offer. You can experience a unique nature on two completely different islands: The North Island is teeming with volcanoes and geysers and is characterized by a mild climate, home to Wellington, which has been the capital and political center of New Zealand since 1865. Wellington is not huge with its 167,000 inhabitants out of a total of about 14 million. …” Travel to New Zealand

New Zealand travel inspiration

Read more about New Zealand here in the intro to the country.


New Zealand has amazing wines, maybe especially from Malborough. Together with our wine site, we take a look at why New Zealand is so good at producing top wines, and why you, if you like better wines, should include a wine excursion to your trip to New Zealand.

Wine regions of New Zealand

10,000s of world-famous luminescent worms that light up an entire cave? Only in New Zealand, Waitomo Cave.

Dark Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand

New Zealand from the sea?

Take a cruise trip from Australia to New Zealand? Imagine seeing the islands rasing out of the sea. And the adventures when you go ashore.

Cruising New Zealand


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