French wine regions from Loire to Cotes du Rhone

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French wine regions – the great wine experience of France

The main French wine regions can be reached by bike, rollerblades, by car, helicopter. There are no excuses: We want more French wine. Travel on a small intro tour (2 parts in total) to the big French wine regions here. The first part of the trip through French wine is here and includes Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne. But now we have reached the Loire, leaving Burgundy and waving to the super delicious and sometimes hard to pay top grapes of this world.



The Loire, the white wines seduce you

The Loire is mainly a beautiful, lush wine region and the third largest of the French wine regions in France. The sun often shines, but there is also a lot of rain, so much so that not all wine varieties are found here. But they are also generally rather picky, and the Loire still has several different types of wine than any other district in France. The most common grape is the aromatic sweet Muscadet. There is also plenty of Cabernet Franc, Vouvray, Sancerre, Bourgueil, Chinon and Saumur. The keen reader will recognize a number of white grapes that produce endearing quality white wines, which are the Loire’s wine signature. No summer without delectable wine from the Loire. Read more about the Loire here

All about Loire here

Languedoc wine production reaches the sea almost

Languedoc, a huge French wine region

We know this wine district very well from the wine labels, even though it is difficult to name a vineyard from Languedoc for most people? It is that of all French wine regions, which is the most productive wine area. Therefore. More than 40% of all French-produced wine comes from here. And thus indirectly being said that a large part is affordable and must be added absolutely drinkable. Bulk wine has not completely taken over in Languedoc yet as in certain overseas wine areas. And the Languedoc has really good vineyards with their own wine, which is quite another wine. The area is very beautiful, mountainous and with access to the Mediterranean. Located east of Provence.

French wine regions:: Alsace near Germany, home of many top restaurants top wines

French wine regions:: Alsace near Germany, home of many top restaurants and top wines

Alsace, french wine districts

Alsace is close to the nearest road into France from the North, as Germans, Belgians and Dutch people make use of. It is one of the French wine districts, which is also a treasure trove of the best food culture almost glazed with Michelin stars and wines, which for the whites are of a high class. The somewhat acidic, fresh Alsace wines are perfectly suited to the area’s often German/French fusion by a long history inspired cuisine, where, for example, choucroute (sauerkraut) with sausages and cabbage is a distinct and far more refined dish than it may sound. Many people realize that Alsace white wines and their typically really good Rosé wines also go well with red meat. Up north at Strassbourg, typical very light red wines are produced with a fine stringent soft Pinot Noir character, which also goes through in their Rosé. The 4 grapes that draw the area are Riesling, which is the most complex. The slightly fuller and aromatic Gewürtztraminer, the clean and robust Pinot Gris with a fairly high alcohol percentage and the desert grape Muscat d Alsace, which because of the relatively northern climate does not become quite as sweet as in e.g. the Loire.

Cotes-du Rhone-Village-Seguret-wine yards

French wine regions: Cotes-du Rhone-Village-Seguret-wine yards

Cotes du Rhone, a great French wine region

No review of French wine districts without a trip to Rhone, which is one of the wine districts that is very well known and loved for a red wine that goes well with duck and goose and a good steak and winter dishes with substance, but there is much more to say and know. It is a beautiful destination with low mountains and the river Rhone and Saone, which winds elegantly and elongated through a beautiful part of France, landscaping it all, rivers, mountains, agriculture and not least wine growing. Here is beautiful, relaxed and not overrun. You are actually welcomed at the vineyards. They serve wine for you, discuss the wine, and you are good friends already on the third glass. There is a dramatic difference between wines produced in the northern part of the elongated wine area, which is the best in general. Here, red wines are produced with the body, fullness, and roundness of the Syrah or Shiraz grape as it is called elsewhere. It is one of the easiest to recognize on its pepper and cinnamon touch.

Do you know the Viognier grape for Cotes du Rhone white wine

The until recently completely unknown white grape Viognier produces both one of the most expensive white wines in the Cotes du Rhone and a number of very accessible white wines with a high general level. In the south, it is generally more about bulk and quantity than quality. As a traveler, this only means that the wine in the shade at the cafe on a hot summer day costs a fraction of what it costs in Denmark. The vineyards become more scattered when other crops southward take over. There are blue lavender fields and olives, there are pears and almonds. Here more Grenache is used in the red wines and the Uni grape in the white wines.

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