Singapore Airlines enters the quest for better comfort on “long hauls”

Be seated – even better seats on Singapore Airlines on long hauls

Even better seats on Singapore Airlines from 2020. What would a better flight seat with more legroom and more setting options and no “conflicts” with the long-legged guy behind you mean to you on the long trips like Singapore – Newark, New Jersey, approx. 17 hours in the same seat?
Quite a lot we guess. Singapore Airlines has done something effective about this persisting long-haul issue. In order to develop better flight seats at Singapore Airlines, they have allied themselves with  Zodiac Aerospace in Texas, a giant in the development of airplane seats and everything inside a modern passenger aircraft. They know what a better flight seat means to their travelers. And the best part is that even if you only fly Economy, you also get the mentioned benefits included in the purchase. It’s pretty good news.

Make yourself comfortable imaging sitting on these better seats on Singapore Airlines and watch the little video here about the new super seats on Singapore Airlines flights.

The new seats have passed so-called comfort tests. And the verdict is positive, people like them, yes, they are phased in on selected Singapore Airlines’ longest routes in 2020.

Skytrax rewards Singapore Airlines 2019

Singapore Airlines,  the carrier known for running the world’s longest flight, won key awards from Skytrax 2019  including World’s Best Cabin Crew, World’s Best First Class, Best Airline in Asia, and World’s Best First Class Seat. Skytrax is based solely on consumer votes and a very prestigious award for the very same reason. Qatar Airways won Best airline 2019. Seems to be a close race from year to year between Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways.

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