10 safest airlines in the world 2022

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10 safest airlines in the world 2022

“10 safest airlines in the world” is a prestigious and valuable list. We all remember some Eastern European and South American airlines that were decidedly life-threatening to fly with back in the day, so now you can see in black and white, where you can completely relax on the flight to somewhere.

Qantas had 1st place for a space of time, but the new list from a reliable source Airline Ratings mid-2022 looks like this, where Air New Zealand tops the list:


What does that list mean to you? If you travel a lot, you will no doubt encounter both safe and less safe airlines. And your personal safety is worth taking with you on the journey.

We write about most of the airlines mentioned, but not all. On a positive note, there are still surprisingly many airlines in this world of ours to choose from.

According to the above source, the 10 safest airlines in 2022 are:

Air New Zealand
Etihad Airways (United Arab Emirates)
Qatar Airways
Singapore Airlines
TAP Air Portugal
Alaska Airlines
EVA Air (Taiwan)
Virgin Australia / Atlantic

Read more about a large number of airlines and their destinations, etc.

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